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Partnered with Ege Carpets

At Talk Carpet, we specialize in hospitality carpets, office carpet, and carpets for multifamily projects. We are a partner of established Danish brand ege carpets, one of the leading commercial carpet companies. Together with egetaepper, Danish for ege carpets, we transform the way designers and end clients approach commercial carpet. We believe that through unique flooring design, interior spaces become strong design statements.

Ege carpets regularly collaborates with established designers on unique commercial carpet collections. We are proud of our ege carpet Tom Dixon collection and our wall to wall carpet design by fashion designer Mr. Christian Lacroix. Other notable standard designs are the New Wave carpet, modular by ege, textile grey in the Rawline concept, or the hexagon grid and mosque carpet from the ege Highline Express concept.

We can adapt the cost of wall to wall carpet or carpet tiles throughout the product range to your budget. The range of ege carpets goes from cheap carpet tile all the way to luxury carpets. Differentiation is made in the carpet construction, depending on whether you are looking for the Axminster carpet or nylon carpet. All carpets come with industry-leading sustainability certifications, and many of our collections are made with recycled Econyl yarns.


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Our main product categories

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Monolithic install
Gradient tiles
Multilevel Loop
Recycled yarn
talk carpet, Talk Carpet, ege carpets partner

Easy recolor
Flat Weave
Multilevel Loop
New Trends Colors

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Focus on commercial interiors, art and architecture.

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