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Custom commercial area rugs

We make selecting and specifying a commercial area rug an easy job with our rug program. Go through the four steps listed below and create a unique rug for your commercial project.

Sometimes wall to wall carpet or carpet tiles is not the right choice for your project’s specific area. Or you may be looking to add some additional texture to your workplace or hospitality project. That is why, together with ege carpets, we have an extensive choice of patterns, colors, and textures in our area rug program. And if your project requires something even more unique, we can refer you to our custom carpet option, which is available as broadloom carpet, carpet tiles, and custom carpet rugs. 


Four steps towards an easy specification

1. Select the design for your commercial area rug

Our full range of wall to wall carpet can be selected as the design for your commercial area rug.  If you are looking for patterned rugs, we suggest looking at our easy recolor patterns. There is a vast choice of designs which you can easily recolor to your own taste, even for a single area rug. This makes our rug program one of the leading choices in terms of hospitality carpet or workplace carpet. Often our rugs are also selected for amenity spaces in multifamily projects. Make your choice below to start selecting your rug design. 

2. Choose your carpet substrate

Tufted broadloom carpet comes in a variety of options, which all come at a different budget. We created an easy wall to wall carpet buying guide which makes your choice easier. Since area rugs are cut from broadloom carpet, the same choices apply here. The carpet construction of your choice will depend on your budget, the type of foot traffic and the amount of foot traffic. For high traffic areas we advise 

First up are our wool carpet which have a content of 80% wool and 20% nylon, which is the ideal ratio for commercial projects. These products are usually referred to as Axminster and often times used as hotel carpet in public areas of hospitality projects. We only work with the finest quality wool from New Zealand, offering you a product which is superior to most Axminster products. 

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The most commonly used tufted carpet is nylon carpet. We offer four options in cut pile at four different budget levels. The entry-level option is our ege Highline 630 quality, which is suitable for high traffic commercial areas. The Highline 750 option is a plush budget option that is mostly used as a guest room carpet. Highline 910 is suitable for high traffic areas, and so is our most popular option, Highline 1100. This carpet substrate is made from Econyl yarn, a recycled yarn made from reclaimed fishing nets.

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Many of the tufted carpets come in a loop pile, mostly used as workplace carpet on office projects. We offer two options made from recycled Econyl yarn, which is produced from reclaimed fishing nets. The ege carpets Highline Loop is a regular loop product, and Highline Carré is a sleek looking mini loop which comes at a very competitive price point. 

, commercial-area-rugs-new

3. Choose a custom shape

Why restrict yourself to a rectangular or round area rug?

Pick one of the shapes below or create a custom shape to make your commercial area rug even more unique. 

4. Choose an edge binding finish for your ege rug

It is important to select an aesthetically pleasing and commercial grade edge finish for your area rug. Our rugs are factory finished in Denmark to offer you the highest degree of finish and craft. 

Overlock binding

Our standard edge binding is done through overlock. This is a serged edge with a premium yarn which offers a very clean finish. You can select from a wide range of colors to match the selected design. 

, commercial-area-rugs-new

Linen / Leather binding

At an additional cost we also offer a variety of linen and leather binding options. Please inquire with your sales person on availability and pricing.

, commercial-area-rugs-new

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