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A South African inspired capsule collection

Patterns Of Joburg Carpet Collection

A growing country known for its vibrant and colorful streets now has its capsule collection by Talk Carpet: Patterns of Joburg. Inspired by South African design, the capsule collection features an edgy linear pattern, a corridor carpet design, and a diagonal pattern. It embraces African culture with modern aesthetic elements.

After visiting South Africa and exploring their art and design, we felt inspired to create a capsule collection based on the wonders of South Africa and its culture. From a boutique shopping center in Johannesburg to a walk through the colorful neighborhoods, inspiration met us in every corner. The collection captures the essence of South African; playful, flourishing and, unique. It is a collection that pulsates energy and excitement as it draws attention with its design elements.

, Patterns of Joburg
, Patterns of Joburg
, Patterns of Joburg
, Patterns of Joburg


$ 25
/Sq yard (1,250SY+)
  • Available in broadloom
  • Rated for high traffic commercial
  • Available in 9 carpet substrates
  • Cradle to Cradle certified
  • Green Label Plus certfied
  • Environmental Product Declaration
  • 15 year wear warranty
  • Minimum order quantity 250SY
, Patterns of Joburg
, Patterns of Joburg
44 Stanley

44 Stanley is a boutique shopping center on the urban edge of downtown Johannesburg in South Africa. 44 Stanley is a post-industrial, low-rise space that contains numerous interconnected outdoor courtyards. The precinct is part of a redevelopment plan that involves the renegotiation of space. The precinct sits in the Milpark district. It is an area that has lots of developments, including residences, offices, film schools, and a shopping mall.

, Patterns of Joburg
Ashanti Design

Turning forgotten materials into beautiful and dynamic creations is a common theme in African art. Many of the artists and designers upcycled old objects and transformed everyday items into new formats. For many South Africans, crafting and upcycling is more than just a hobby. It’s a deep part of their culture. Ashanti Design  is the perfect example of such craft, and its work inspired our edgy linear carpet design.

, Patterns of Joburg
, Patterns of Joburg
, Patterns of Joburg
Maboneng street art

Anywhere you go, inspiration can be around the corner. We found it for our diagonal carpet pattern when walking the streets of Johannesburg during our South African visit. The building we came across, with its geometric and linear walls is in Maboneng. A colorful neighborhood in Joburg, that used to be an industrial area of the city. But recently, the area has been going through renovations of hip restaurants, coffee shops, and modern apartments. The entire neighborhood is a work of art with wall art all over buildings, bridges, and alleys.

, Patterns of Joburg

, Patterns of Joburg