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Vibrant Carpet In Pucci Pattern Trend

Italy is a country that is alive with art, fashion, and creative talent. One big name in the country you’re bound to already know is fashion designer Emilio Pucci. Born in Florence, Pucci is one of Italy’s biggest names in the fashion industry. He is known best for his iconic geometric prints that found fame back in the 60s. The famous prints are now recognizable as the Pucci pattern trend. All of Pucci’s retro pieces are bold and packed full of personality. The wearer can truly express their unique character and style through the brand’s loud and flamboyant design.

However, the Pucci print trend died in the 60s and the brand has continued to produce geometric patterned items ever since. For his 2021 collection, Pucci brought back an updated version of these funky prints and fabrics which fit with current design trends. This offers a prime example of how these vintage patterns can be modernized and brought into the present day. This is a common theme emerging at the moment, blurring the line between vintage and new. To achieve this, the design team has toned down the color palette. Predominantly, they selected muted and delicate pastel shades of pink, yellow, and lilac. These prints work particularly well when used in combination for a coordinated and updated vintage-print look.

Captivated by these modernized vintage pieces, we took the Pucci pattern trend as inspiration for our latest carpet. For our design, we used the same wave-like swirl print seen frequently throughout the collection. Rather than sticking with pink, yellow, and lilac tones, our design team took things blue. We chose four soft blue shades that work seamlessly together for our carpet. Personally, I love how the colors and shapes are reminiscent of water and add flow and depth to the design. By sticking with the few colors like Pucci, the random and eclectic patterns are easy on the eye rather than overwhelming.

If you like this carpet inspired by the Pucci pattern trend, you may wish to get in touch with our team. Together, we can work to produce a custom carpet design of your very own, great for any commercial project. You have control over the pattern, colors, and substrate. Once happy, our team will ship out a sample of the finished design within seven days. Made from ECONYL yarn, all of our carpets are eco-friendly options that aim to reduce waste. We also donate 1% of all sales from custom carpets to DIFFA, a charity focusing on fighting HIV. To find out more and start making your dream carpet today, contact our team now.

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