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Axminster 2.0
Our Colortec products offer pre-dyed wool carpets with the look of axminster and the flexibility of modern technology

A la carte design & colors

Let your imagination run free, our design team will take care of translating your concept in carpet reality. We have an impressive database of 3,500 colors which we can match to your pantone, NCS or other color references.

, Colortec
, Colortec

Custom widths

We believe in reducing waste, a key element in sustainability. We can customize roll widths between 10' and 16.4'.

Cost saving backing

Without any surcharge we can provide an integrated felt backing, offering excellent acoustic properties. This reduces the labor cost drastically and removes the need to purchase padding.

8 day samples

We have 3,500 colors available in pre-dyed yarn in order to provide quick turn-arounds on samples.

Visualize your ideas

We make it easy for your team to make decisions and present your concept to the client. Within 5 business days of finalizing a design, we can provide you with a physical sample and a large-scale paper print. This allows all stakeholders to clearly visualize the pattern, as well as get an excellent feel of the texture and color depth. 

, Colortec

These projects installed our Colortec carpets

Four Seasons, Trinity Square
Four Seasons, Trinity Square
Kimpton, Fitzroy
Kimpton, Fitzroy
Bulgari Hotel, Yacht Club
Bulgari Hotel, Yacht Club
Hilton, Curio
Hilton, Curio

Cut & Loop effect of Carving

For added texture and to create intricate pattern, we offer the possibility of creating level differences in the carpet, substrate. This allows you to create a secondary pattern, purely through texture. Another option is our carving effect where we replicate the hand carved carpet look. We mean it when we say ultimate design freedom.

, Colortec
, Colortec

Ready to get your project going?

Our team is your partner in ensuring the carpet specification will be a breeze, all
while keeping the design unique and tailored to your design concept

In a time crunch? Submit your design concept to us and we’ll send you  a pesonalized carpet proposal within 24 hours. Uploaded files will be treated confidentially

, Colortec