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Welcome to issue 13 of our Talk Carpet Magazine, where we’re taking a look back at all the incredible places we discovered the past year. Each month we have traveled to a different country, providing us with a very wide and varied look into design and it’s inspiration. 

We’re linking our one year recap to three emerging design trends: biophilic interior design, a move towards more graphic patterns and the prominent use of bold colors. For each of these trends we will show you inspirational places that will definitely provide you with a good dose of ideas within that trend aesthetic. After that we zoom in on a few interiors that incorporate each trend successfully, followed by some of our own material palettes and custom patterns within each design trend.

In our usual unique way, we’re mixing these trend subjects in with a ton of new custom patterns and creative mood board ideas. We truly hope these are inspiring for you and can mean useful for your next interior projects. Don’t forget to check out our full database of patterns and material palettes on our website, the home to hundreds of really innovative and fresh design ideas. 

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, Talk Carpet Magazine Issue 13: design trends and discoveries

, Talk Carpet Magazine Issue 13: design trends and discoveries