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Welcome to a new edition of our Talk Carpet Magazine. A year ago, we launched our magazine and couldn’t be happier to feature Egypt in this celebration issue. We love showing you the world through our unique lens and infuse you with a hefty dose of wanderlust and inspiration.

Expect to be astonished by the beauty of Egypt, a country with an overload of history and heritage reaching back thousands of years. The mix between the ancient Egyptian and Muslim culture most definitely creates a unique and highly inspiring environment. Let us transport you to a different world, traveling through villages along the Nile, archeological sites, and the chaotic hustle and bustle of Cairo.

Enjoy the many material palettes and novel patterns inspired by Egypt, allowing you to bring new trends and unique perspectives to your interior design projects.

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, Talk Carpet Magazine Issue 12: the marvels of Egypt

, Talk Carpet Magazine Issue 12: the marvels of Egypt