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The start of our company dates back to 2016, when Charls Pasion and Christophe Prosper Rammant created Prosper & Pasion Inc. Our vision was and still is to bring truly unique designs to the commercial carpet industry. Through the combination of our unique creative vision and the technical capabilities of our partner ege Carpets we are able to deliver on that promise. 

In 2020 at the height of the COVID pandemic we decided to change our name to Talk Carpet. As most companies we had to rethink how we would interact digitally with our customers, and wanted our name to reflect that new approach. The core of our business is to talk carpet, to talk design inspiration and to talk as partners in design. We aim to be more than just a source of unique carpets, we are your source of design inspiration. We spend a tremendous amount of time curating our monthly Talk Carpet Magazine, vlog and our blog which is updated daily with inspirational stories. 

At Talk Carpet, we specialize in hospitality carpets, office carpet, and carpets for multifamily projects. We are a partner of established Danish brand ege carpets, one of the leading commercial carpet companies. Together with egetaepper, Danish for ege carpets, we transform the way designers and end clients approach commercial carpet. We believe that through unique flooring design, interior spaces become strong design statements.

, About us
charls pasion

Charls Pasion


Having worked with calibers like Versace, Ralph Lauren and Kenneth Cole brings a unique perspective of design and colors. At a very young age, Charls has always set his eyes in fashion working with renowned designers and publications such as American and British Vogue, Marie Claire, W Magazine and many more. His peculiar experience brings the perfect marriage and true reflection of the EGE brand from design development, design and color suggestions, to project management. Let’s create something beautiful together!

Charls is based in Seattle and focuses on the West Coast market. 


Christophe Prosper Rammant

Christophe Prosper Rammant


After successfully building the BOLON flooring brand in the USA, Christophe has brought the ege brand to the USA in 2016 with a distinct vision and mission. Reimagining how carpets are specified and utilized in the design, by the use of innovative materials, texture and patterns are his forte. 

With a fashion textiles background Christophe brings a fresh approach to carpet design which shows throughout the many projects we have installed these past years. 

Christophe is based in Belgium and focuses on the creative side of our business, while traveling around the globe for our monthly magazine and travel series. 


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