Linen textures by Nicolette Brunklaus
Canvas Collage Carpet Collection

Canvas Collage is a commercial carpet collection designed by Dutch designer Nicolette Brunklaus. A tiny sample of worn linen, loosely woven and faded, began the creative process of mapping textures, colors, and memories. You will experience a collection with an evident love of rich textile structures and the linen sample representing a piece of industrial craft history. Dried dahlia flowers or a patchwork of colors are layered over the woven linen carpet pattern. It is the combination of old with new form forms that makes the Canvas Collage stand out. With colors like papal red or lazuli blue, it is hard not to think of luxury. The Canvas Collage brings back that era with a modern Scandinavian interpretation, adapted to our current aesthetics’ more pure and tonal approach.

Canvas Collage represents a collection of 5 designs that can be integrated. Each design stands alone beautifully, and when combined, all designs seamlessly interlace with each other to create an atmosphere of effortless comfort. Use your imagination, visualize your dreams and mix and match the carpet designs to create a unique flooring design that is entirely your own.

The Canvas Collage collection is available as wall to wall carpet, commercial area rugs, and carpet tiles. To make the designs affordable for an extensive range of projects, we offer a selection of nine carpet substrates. There are budget nylon options or a selection of Axminster type 80/20 pile heights. Even in carpet tiles, we offer a wool/nylon blend, ideal for public spaces in hospitality projects.

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