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Welcome back to Talk Carpet Magazine’s latest issue, packed full of inspiration for your next interior design project. This month, we’ve headed to Cape Town and Johannesburg to explore the wonders of South African design, art, and culture.

In the cosmopolitan city of Johannesburg, striking vibrant street art by locals and international artists alike make the region a colorful urban development. We found Cape Town has more European influence. Yet, the traditional craftsmanship and skills from local artisans make all the artwork designs deep-rooted to African culture. The artists there were also experts at upcycling and turning old into new, injecting soul into each piece. From the impressive scenery and architecture to the quintessentially African patterns, forms, and colors, the spirit of the people can be felt everywhere.

For this month’s mood boards and custom patterns, we used bold palettes and geometric prints inspired by traditional African design but with a contemporary twist. So, grab a snack and dive into the heritage, culture, and talent of South Africa and its people.

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, Talk Carpet Magazine Issue 10: Design in South Africa

, Talk Carpet Magazine Issue 10: Design in South Africa