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Rocks, carved by ancient forces, are a thumbprint of the Earth’s past. Bearing centuries of weight and meaning, each stone has traveled through time and landscapes so infinite that we can’t comprehend. Through their immortal existence, they’re the subject of many myths and legends and their scale confirms that we’re but a small event in their seismic history. Always changing, the rockface resists and yet eventually gives way to the elements. Sliding, folding, and tumbling into chaos, the fractures build a new structure and the seas wash the minerals into weeping colors. During the landslide, the Earth buries its face and then reveals a new beauty. Freshly transformed, Mother Earth is ready for a new era.

In our Mark of Time collection, the multi-level loop construction creates a sculptural texture influenced by the collision of the Earth’s layers. Tilted, chaotic, and organic elements come together to define the two coordinating patterns, Bedrock and Landslide, that can be used alone or combined to give a soft or dramatic expression to the floorscape. Minerals including jet, lapis and serpentine have inspired the color palette of tone-on-tone neutrals complemented by darker shades that create either a subtle or powerful yet refined look.

Mark of Time is available as carpet tiles, planks, wall-to-wall carpet, and the innovative Figura shapes. Each design comes in 15 contemporary colors carefully chosen for their ability to combine into unique compositions. Cradle to Cradle Certified®, crafted from regenerated and regenerable yarn and fitted with our patented recycled Ecotrust backing, the collection perfectly suits your sustainable flooring project


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