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Get inspired by the Chocolate hills of Bohol with our Tropical interior palette

Located in the middle of the island of Bohol in the Philippines, the Chocolate Hills are a group of uniquely shaped hills that add to the island’s beautiful landscape. The island has at least 1268 hills, which are 120 meters tall at most. It is still unknown how the hills were formed. One of the more popular legends is that long ago, two giants fought for days until they became exhausted and became friends. Geologists say the hills are weathered formations of marine limestone lying on top of an impenetrable clay base.

Regardless of how the Chocolate Hills came to be, the view from the panoramic observation deck was a truly unique experience. Although the hills are of varying heights, the view from the observation deck makes them seem symmetrical. The brown color of the hills peeking through the dense forest of palm trees creates a breathtaking view.

We were inspired by the Cholate Hills to recolor the Windy Foliage carpet. This unique carpet is part of the Highline Express Nature Collection, which takes inspiration from forests, deserts, and oceans to create vivid carpet designs. We decided to recolor it in shades of green, reminiscent of the dense forest of palm trees from the breathtaking view we got to experience.

We were highly inspired to create a tropical interior palette for the material board. Therefore, we decided to include dark brown materials like Serenissima Fossil by Conestoga Tile, Velvet Radiance by Valley Forge Fabrics, Pebble Shagreen by Laminart, Film Noir Porcelain Panel by Crossville, OAK Vulcano by mafi America Inc, and Re_Micron by Garden State Tile. We also included cream-colored stones to add texture to the board by adding Angela Harris Dunmore Ceramic Tile by TileBar and Pinch by Daltile. We also included Marea by Foglizzo Leather for a pop of color. Lastly, we included green-toned textiles like Boho by Paul Brayton Designs and Frieze by Pallas Textiles.

If you want to find the perfect color for one of our many carpet designs, Talk Carpet’s recolor program is ideal for you. You can choose any of our nine carpet substrates to take your project to the next level. Additionally, our online tool lets you quickly visualize what the recolor will look like. You can get your carpet in just three weeks. Contact us to learn more.


Windy Foliage RECOLORED by ege carpets

Serenissima Fossil by Conestoga Tile

Angela Harris Dunmore Ceramic Tile by TileBar

Pinch by Daltile

Frieze by Pallas Textiles

Velvet Radiance by Valley Forge Fabrics

Boho by Paul Brayton Designs

Marea by Foglizzo Leather

OAK Vulcano by mafi America Inc

Pebble Shagreen by Laminart

Re_Micron by Garden State Tile

Film Noir Porcelain Panel by Crossville