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Informal tartan carpet with a ruffled look

Ruffled Tartans Visualized Talk Carpet

We stopped at a café to relax a little between walking around in the cold weather during our travels in the Scottish Highlands. The café had such a cozy vibe and even had an outside seating area. Although it was chilly, a stack of tartan fabric blankets was available for customers who wanted to sit outside but stay warm. It’s that stack of ruffled tartans which inspired our informal tartan carpet.

Tartan is the pattern of interlocking stripes, running in both warp and weft in the cloth. It can also be any woven fabric in other media. The earliest tartan in Scotland dates back to the third century AD. Additionally, there was tartan in other parts of the world around 3000 BC. The woven fabric became forbidden in 1746 by the British Government as they tried to suppress the rebellious Scottish. However, by the end of the 18th century, commercial weavers started to take up tartan production. The most well-known tartan is the clan tartan, which represents a clan. Some tartans can also represent families, towns, districts, corporations, individuals, and events.

Inspired by the unique colors and pattern of the stack of tartan fabric blankets at the café, we created an informal tartan custom carpet. In this custom design, we included colors reminiscent of the blankets. Additionally, we created a warped look that makes the custom carpet look like a stack of blankets. This unique design will look great for your next interior project.

If you want to feature this beautiful informal tartan carpet in your next interiors project, our custom carpet program is the perfect option for you. You can also choose the pattern, color, and substrate with our program. Additionally, we are partnering with DIFFA’s specify with care program, in which one percent of all custom carpet sales are donated to help fight against AIDS/HIV. We offer nine different carpet substrates adapted to various install environments and price levels. Contact us for more information.

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