Discover some of the latest street art in Leeds

Leeds has undergone some major revival in the past ten years and lets you experience art in multiple forms. After visiting the modern art galleries, it is time to explore the uniqueness of Street Art Leeds. The massive murals on some of the historic buildings bring vibrance while conveying a strong message. Many artists did their best to spread the word for a better future, expressed through their original techniques and unique selection of colors. 

Street Art Leeds, Discover some of the latest street art in Leeds

Mural by Anthony Burrill

Street art in Leeds spreads an encouraging message using simple statements. The latest mural by Anthony Burrill covers the wall of a historic building in the center of Leeds. You&Me, Me&You is a simple statement that promotes unity and comes when the world really needs it. Anthony started the project back in 2019 and completed it in 2021 when the world suffered the consequences of the pandemic. 

Anthony Burill is proud to display his work in the city where he first started his graphic design studio. The monumental mural is his first permanent display and an act of giving back to his community. As you go down the street to explore further, you will instantly spot the Leeds United mural. Adam Duffield completed the mural as a reminder of the iconic win in football. The artist praised the local football team, highlighting Pablo Hernandez and contributing to his team’s promotion. 

Street Art Leeds, Discover some of the latest street art in Leeds

The Barge by Benjamin Craven and Jenny Beard

The riverside proudly hosts one of the Street Art Leeds masterworks. When you take a Leeds Water Taxi, you will experience the city from a different perspective. Heading from the station to the Armories, you will spot an art piece in an unusual shape. The brightly colored barge is an unexpected way to express art, executed by Benjamin Craven and Jenny Beard. Even under unfavorable weather conditions, they managed to cover the barge with lively colors and striking patterns. 

Benjamin works in the area of digital design, and his signature style consists of various painting methods. His work features a mix of bold colors and intriguing patterns that make a strong statement. The hand-painted design features clashing prints and bold contrasts, an unexpected element in this area. Jenny is a visual artist that uses digital tools to express her ideas. This duo’s love for color is a mutual point, so they coated the old barge with a select mix of patterns and colors to add vibrance to this part of the city. 

Street Art Leeds, Discover some of the latest street art in Leeds

Gray Heron by Peter Barber

While admiring the beauty of the boat masterpiece as a part of the Street Art Leeds, you might have noticed the bird next to it. The Gray Heron mural is another fantastic work of art that has a remarkable background story. The detailed mural will disappear into the river as the water levels rise. It will make a reappearance once the river level gets back to normal, just like the majestic bird. The gray heron was spotted in this area, confirming that the waters are clean and habitable. In addition, Heron motivates other artists to beautify the trail with their work. The goal is to make the waterfront more attractive while allowing artists to express their ideas and talents. 

Street Art Leeds, Discover some of the latest street art in Leeds