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Visit the design highlights of Seville and Valencia with us


In this new episode of our design vlog series, we land in Spain’s Southern region to show you all-new design and inspiration.

We begin this journey in the city that started flamenco dancing. That’s right, Seville! We explore amazing palaces such as Casa de Pilatos, Real Alcazar, as well as Plaza de Espana. Next, we show you all the amazing detail work and colors that are part of historical architecture. We follow our tour of Seville with these modernly Andalusian designed restaurants, Casaplata and El Pinton. Finally, rounding off our tour of Seville is Las Setas. The controversial wooden “parasol” by German architect Jurgen Mayer.

Following Seville, we visit La Donaira, a luxury eco-resort that sits on the top of the Andalusian Serranía de Ronda. This resort is stretched over 17000-acres of land and features Lusitano horses, a fully organic farm, an equestrian center, and eternal silence. This place is easily at the top of our list.

After our visit to La Donaira, we head to Cordoba, where we visit the c3a museum. After cordoba, we head to an open-enviroment art park called Fundacion NMAC .

For our last stop, we checked out what Valencia has to offer. We first checked out the Arts and Sciences City. It is truly a sight to see and an absolute must-visit. Then we check out the Cuaderno Rubio Store, Kaikaya sushi, Kento, and Piur restaurant, all designed by Spanish design studio, Masquespacio. Finally, we cant visit valencia without checking out the IVAM museum and checking out the amazing street art throughout the city.

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