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Artist focus on Zhora Gasparyan and his soft gray color palette

Our first artist collaboration comes from Zhora Gasparyan in NYC. Gasparyan originates from Armenia and works with oil paints on canvas to produce inspiring abstract pieces. One of our favorites was his original 2021 “The Waste Land.” With a soft gray color palette, the artist has used defined yet soft brushstrokes to create a feeling of movement. As a result, the canvas truly comes alive, and we used this piece as inspiration for our latest mood board.

Considering his careful selection of color, we decided to stick with the muted gray color palette. This makes up the bulk of the pieces used, especially the Reform Memory Carpet used as the backdrop. Its textured surface adds depth and movement, as with Gasparyan’s brushwork in the painting. In combination with this, we have used another ege Carpet, this time from the Reform a New Wave collection. Again, its similar dusty gray tones with the subtle wave pattern evoke similar feelings to those looking at “The Waste Land”.

In the center of the mood board, we have incorporated a little more color. We opted for the Stargazer and Chivalry Copper by Sherwin Williams. These two contrasting colors or dusty blue and orange, complement the gray color palette perfectly. Rawline Scala carpet in dark blue also helps to tie these lighter colors in with the darker tones. Looking closely at Gasparyan’s work, you can see similar color combinations. Blue-green paint strokes cover the base of the canvas, with brighter orange dots appearing in several places. This creates a lovely offset to the predominantly gray piece.

To make up the rest of our “The Waste Land”-inspired mood board, we again choose materials in the soft gray color palette. However, to make things feel lively, we selected pieces with interesting patterns and materials. The Tom Dixon Smoke Grey by ege Carpets is particularly standout. It adds intriguing depth and is similar to the swirl-like brushstrokes used in the painting. We also incorporated metal into the design with the Metal Mini 3D Cubes by Porcelanosa and Steel by Santamargherita.

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soft gray color palette, Artist focus on Zhora Gasparyan and his soft gray color palette soft gray color palette, Artist focus on Zhora Gasparyan and his soft gray color palette

Products Used:

ReForm Memory Tile by ege Carpets

ReForm a New Wave Ocean by ege Carpets

Tom Dixon-Smoke by ege Carpets

Rawline Scala Patchwork by ege Carpets

Stargazer by Sherwin-Williams

Chivalry Copper by Sherwin Williams

Metal Mini 3D Cubes by Porcelanosa

Steel by Santamargherita