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Weathered Venetian Palazzo door brought to life as a rustic carpet

Venetian palazzo door Visualized Talk Carpet

Our travels in September took us to Italy, the country infamous for its remarkable contributions to architecture, fashion, and design. And one city like no other is that of Venice. With its historical canals and winding cobbled streets, it is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities in the world. It’s easy to get lost in Venice and a magical “must-see” on everyone’s bucket list. However, within the beauty and majestic character lies a tragedy – we are slowly losing the city to the very waterways that make it wonderful. Water levels rise in Venice year by year as our oceans and seas expand due to global warming. Recent climate studies predict that by 2100 the entire city could be underwater. Venice is quite literally sinking.

When exploring Venice, the alluring and haunting truth of the city’s uncertain future is highlighted everywhere. Prone to severe flooding, temporary sidewalks on stilts are erected each year between November and May for pedestrian use. This flooding also destroys much Venetian architecture, buildings without proper foundations being lost to the lagoon below. Bricks and materials are being eroded by the salty waters, causing stonework and carvings to crumble. Much of the city’s most impressive architecture and the homes of Venetian people are at risk of disappearing.

We decided to take an example of this erosion as inspiration for our rustic carpet. This worn green door on a Venetian Palazzo seemed perfect. It highlights the sad truth – water levels are rising, and for how long will these buildings exist? For our rustic carpet, we selected similar tones of earthy greens to echo the color of the weathered door. We then chose a more reddish-brown tone than is seen in our inspiration shot. We preferred the contrast with the green, sitting on the opposite side of the color wheel. The precise tone also has a very rusty element, further contributing to the idea of decay. To replicate the weathering of the door, the colors fade from one side of our rustic carpet to another. We used a mottled effect to mimic the layers of peeling paint and emphasize the asymmetry of nature.

Are you impressed by our Venetian rustic carpet? Then why not get in touch? Our Talk Carpet team can design a custom carpet of your very own. Taking your inspiration and ideas, our skilled designers will interpret these and turn them into a reality. You won’t have to wait long to see the final product, with carpet samples sent out within seven business days. All of our carpets are produced using ECONYL yarn, a high-quality and eco-friendly yarn. Additionally, 1% of all custom carpet sales are donated to DIFFA, a charity supporting those with HIV and AIDs. At only $21 per square yard, contact our team and start making your dream carpet today.

rustic carpet, Weathered Venetian Palazzo door brought to life as a rustic carpet rustic carpet, Weathered Venetian Palazzo door brought to life as a rustic carpet rustic carpet, Weathered Venetian Palazzo door brought to life as a rustic carpet