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Travel Series

Travel series: The wonders of Peru

In this episode of our travel series, you can join us on an exploration tour of Peru, a magnificent country that goes beyond the wonder that is Machu Picchu. A country known for its diverse climates and topography, it is also a culinary force that is gaining worldwide recognition rapidly.

We’re visiting the area around Trujillo, home to the Temple of the Moon and the Temple of the Sun from the Moche empire. On the other side of this town, you find the remnants of another dynasty, the Chimu. Chan Chan is a massive complex home to several palaces built from adobe bricks. This is in great contrast with the setting of Machu Picchu, which most definitely remains the highlight of this Peru tour. A stop that definitely should be on your Peru bucket list is exploring the Peruvian jungle in Amazonia, as well as discovering the incredible food culture in the capital Lima. We hope you enjoy our travel series and our tour of Peru.