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North Sea corals create organic type of floral carpet


We love a warm tropical ocean and are always mesmerized by the living creatures that you can see. We are creating an organic type of floral carpet, inspired by North Sea corals. These corals, also known as deep-water corals, live in very dark and unseen parts of the ocean, averaging below 6,600 feet to 20,000 feet.

Many North Sea corals are very similar in appearance, and because they do not need sunlight, they look very light in color compared to the brightly colored tropical ones. Because many of them live deep in the water, the corals have bleached out color tones. They vary in size and can be as small as a fingernail or big as 10 m wide. Most of them exist in polyps and look like beautiful flowers in a garden. Corals differ, most commonly including pink, green, yellow, orange, and greyish white.

Similarly, we translate the multicolored North Sea corals onto our custom carpet pattern. The light pink- and coral-colored polyps overlap with the gray and black-colored sea corals in the canvas. The grainy patterns and texture inside the polyps make the corals stand out almost like a floral carpet pattern. The corals’ background is overlaid with a sheer pink blended with a gray and cream color tone. This custom carpet pattern will make you feel like you are taking a deep dive into an enchanting sea abyss.

If you like this design or want to create your own custom design, please contact one of our team members. Through ege Carpets’ custom program, we offer budget-friendly options starting $21/SY. Or you can select a timeless wool/nylon blend for a richer feel. We design custom wall-to-wall broadloom carpet patterns or large-sized rugs with an endless number of color variations. For your interior design project, we can send you a custom sample in 7 business days. Whether you need carpeting for your hospitality, corporate, or multifamily project, we have the perfect custom carpet for you.

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