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Memorable modern architecture in Amsterdam

Sluishuis Housing Block 2 Talk Carpet

There are many things to discover about Amsterdam. One of which is the amazing architecture. These are some of the buildings that are unique.

The Valley Skyscraper

The Valley skyscraper is designed by the Dutch studio MVRDV and features a unique mountain-like angular shape. Located in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district, the Valley is a 75,000-square-meter development. The building measures 100 meters in height and was designed and built to be both green and innovative.

Valley was given its name because of the many facades of the terraces. The Valley consists of three connected towers of different heights that rise from a podium structure. The façade creates a unique public landscape that runs throughout the building and opens it up to its surroundings.

Memorable modern architecture, Memorable modern architecture in Amsterdam Memorable modern architecture, Memorable modern architecture in Amsterdam

Inside the Valley, two gorgeous staircases lead to the central atrium, the main access for everything within the building. You will find entrances to the office floors, cultural exhibitions, and many restaurants and coffee bars in the atrium. With the help of custom digital tools, every apartment is sure to have enough lights, creating an interesting random pattern of balconies. The gardens were designed by Piet Oudolf and included 370 planting areas featuring 13,500 plants.

Sluishuis Housing Block

Designed by the Danish architecture studio BIG and the Dutch studio Barcode Architects, the Sluishuis Housing Block was built on an artificial island in the IJ lake. The housing block surrounds an internal harbor with a double cantilever that forms a gateway from the lake. This memorable architecture of Amsterdam is a contemporary translation of the city’s topology. No matter what part of Sluishuis you are in, it will surely surprise you.

Memorable modern architecture, Memorable modern architecture in Amsterdam Memorable modern architecture, Memorable modern architecture in Amsterdam

The housing block features 442 apartments. As you walk through the gates of the block, you are mesmerized by the distinctive shape. There are blocks on either side of the square, and each apartment features a beautiful balcony. The four blocks enclose a courtyard that features a sailing school, a water sports center, and a restaurant with a large terrace. The buildings clad in aluminum reflect the surrounding water and feature a variety of apartments, from studios to penthouses.

Strawinskylaan Bicycle Parking

On the other side of the Amsterdam Zuid railway station, the Strawinskylaan Bicycle Parking has a capacity of 3,750 and is one of the largest bike parking spaces in the Dutch capital. The parking lot was designed by wUrck and opened in May of 2018. We were especially impressed by this memorable architecture in Amsterdam because it turned something mundane into something unique.

Memorable modern architecture, Memorable modern architecture in Amsterdam

The parking facility is located under the forme Vijfhoek park, which will be redeveloped into a neighborhood square with a playground in the coming months. The large and well-organized space allows for maximum efficiency and comfortable operations. Strawinskylaan Bicycle Parking is contained in a simple concrete volume with an epoxy floor. The steel tree-like columns hold up a canopy of ceiling islands. The pentagon shapes near the entrance pay homage to the former park above it. The glass walls and ceiling islands were designed to stimulate daylight. This space is underground, but it feels like you enjoy the sun outdoors.

ARCAM Architecture Center

Designed by Rene van Zuuk Architekten, the ARCAM is the best place for anyone who wants to learn more about architecture in the Amsterdam area. The Amsterdam Center for Architecture (ARCAM) is an organization that was founded in 1986. ARCAM focuses on architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture. The building features a trapezoidal shape and has three floors.

Memorable modern architecture, Memorable modern architecture in Amsterdam

Van Zuuk’s project turned out beautiful. On the street level, there is an exhibition space. The upper floor is fitted with glass partitions, which create an attic-like environment. On the waterfront, there is a multipurpose space for meetings, discussions, and receptions of groups. Every part of the internal space of the building is linked by voids, which make the space feel large but still cohesive.

Eye Film Museum

Designed by the Austrian-based firm of Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, the Eye is a beautiful example of memorable architecture that you can find in Amsterdam. Located at the bend of the river IJ, opposite the historical part of the city and the central station, the building stands out with its dynamic and unique design.

Memorable modern architecture, Memorable modern architecture in Amsterdam Memorable modern architecture, Memorable modern architecture in Amsterdam

The entrance of the Eye Film Museum is characterized by continuous spatial concentration and directed visual relations. The design of the building features spatial development, light incidence, and materiality to define paths that lead to the southern glass front and the museum shop. The room widens and unfolds into a beautiful work of art inside and out.

It is no secret that Paris has been the capital of fashion since the seventeenth century. The city has been the playground for prestigious designers and couture brands like Chanel, Dior, and Saint Laurent. Today the Parisian style is not only an aesthetic choice but a philosophy. It embraces elegance, timelessness, and slow responsible fashion. The focus is on the cut and the quality of the materials. No fluff or excessiveness with a less is more approach. And what better way to understand Parisian fashion than to visit a museum dedicated to it.

For more than 70 years, the house has been crafting magical couture pieces in their atelier at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Christian Dior has made this location a legendary address since the first collection in 1947. Behind its new flagship, the House of Dior inaugurates a permanent exhibition in an extraordinary gallery, independently of its boutique. Mr. Dior wanted to be an architect; the building and the museum pay him a beautiful tribute today.

The staging is astonishing. A circular staircase at the entrance showcases 452 dresses and 1,422 accessories, all 3D printed. Bags, shoes, perfumes, and small objects: so many testimonies of the Dior style materialized to elaborate this Diorama.