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Top 5 hotel room design ideas with carpets that transform spaces


In this article, we’re looking at some of the most unique hotel room design ideas, based on carpet patterns that have the capability of transforming the space. The flooring surface is a powerful medium as part of the design process and is often considered as the fifth wall. The floor is one of the largest surfaces in the room and a cost-effective way of putting a unique design mark. Here are our top 5 hotel room design ideas for 2021.

  1. The biophilic design trend

First up is the immensely popular biophilic design trend. Enhanced by the pandemic and the desire to bring the relaxing elements of nature into an interior. As our home has taken on the function of workplace and refuge, it has become the place we spend the majority of our time in. Needless to say that bringing in elements enhancing our wellness feel is immensely popular.

hotel room design ideas, Top 5 hotel room design ideas with carpets that transform spaces

For our biophilic hotel room design idea, we have taken inspiration from the Amazonia rainforest in Peru. The fantastic flora spotted through the Amazonian rainforest gave us enough inspiration to craft a carpet of leaves. This fresh design will your guest room space into a serene oasis that reflects tranquility.

2. Pottery inspiration and earth tone inspiration

The popularity of warm earth tones is a value remaining strong in interior design and has a huge following in interiors and fashion. Likewise, pottery and handcrafting ceramics is a major trend, as a counterbalancing act to our digital lives. Pottery is super tactile and an excellent refuge from the online world. hotel room design ideas, Top 5 hotel room design ideas with carpets that transform spacesOn our recent trip to Peru, we discovered the Museo Larco with a massive collection of ceramics from the different civilizations in Peru’s history. The tremendous pottery collection features intriguing details and distinctive shapes. Therefore, we seized some inspiration to design an artisan carpet and create another hotel room design idea. The particular vessels that caught our attention were these masterpieces ornamented with geometric patterns.

3. Pink and mint color schemes

It’s rather obvious at Talk Carpet that we’re strong fans of the pink and mint color trends since these two are our brand colors. We’ve seen these two colors pop up more and more on design palettes and in hotel room designs by our clients. For this guest room idea, we’re incorporating them into a fun and paired-down geometric pattern.

hotel room design ideas, Top 5 hotel room design ideas with carpets that transform spaces

4. The re-emergence of art deco in interior design

Art deco has never really gone fully out of trend, however recently this design aesthetic is having a full blow re-emergence. Some are predicting a post-pandemic world with similarities to the roaring twenties in the 20th century. A world of vibrant colors, patterns, and lifestyles.

hotel room design ideas, Top 5 hotel room design ideas with carpets that transform spaces

For our fourth hotel room design idea, we’re taking inspiration from bold street art in Valencia and infusing it with modern-day art deco influences. Keeping the overall pattern very light and bright, while incorporating signature geometric shapes. This pattern is a proud winner of the 17th annual Hospitality Design Awards, held at Cipriani NY in 2021.

5. Blending organic and geometric pattern styles

We’re closing this list of hotel room design ideas by focusing on the trend of blending organic patterns with linear and geometric pattern styles. For a very long time, striped patterns were extremely popular in hospitality design. That was replaced a few years back by a switch to organic patterns, often inspired by nature or watercolor paintings. A new trend is to blend both styles into a mixed pattern style.

hotel room design ideas, Top 5 hotel room design ideas with carpets that transform spaces

Our blended pattern is inspired by wood bark and creates a linear pattern that is at the same time organic, with a natural flow.

If this article inspired you to create a unique carpet pattern for your next hospitality design project, then please reach out to one of our team members. We have an incredible custom carpet program that excels in its creativity, lead time, and competitive pricing. You can read more about it here.

It is no secret that Paris has been the capital of fashion since the seventeenth century. The city has been the playground for prestigious designers and couture brands like Chanel, Dior, and Saint Laurent. Today the Parisian style is not only an aesthetic choice but a philosophy. It embraces elegance, timelessness, and slow responsible fashion. The focus is on the cut and the quality of the materials. No fluff or excessiveness with a less is more approach. And what better way to understand Parisian fashion than to visit a museum dedicated to it.

For more than 70 years, the house has been crafting magical couture pieces in their atelier at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Christian Dior has made this location a legendary address since the first collection in 1947. Behind its new flagship, the House of Dior inaugurates a permanent exhibition in an extraordinary gallery, independently of its boutique. Mr. Dior wanted to be an architect; the building and the museum pay him a beautiful tribute today.

The staging is astonishing. A circular staircase at the entrance showcases 452 dresses and 1,422 accessories, all 3D printed. Bags, shoes, perfumes, and small objects: so many testimonies of the Dior style materialized to elaborate this Diorama.