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Hotel corridor carpet that stuns through unique color use

Chichicastenango House Wall visualized Talk Carpet

Chichicastenango is a beautiful colorful town in west-central Guatemala. The town still has one of the largest Guatemala markets and is known for its vibrant tropical colors. Surrounded by valleys, mountains, and rich culture, the town has many colonial architectural buildings that use vivid, intricate designs. Interestingly, even the Chichicastenango graves use bright colors of pink, green, blue, and yellow for their cemetery architecture. We’re bringing this color inspiration to our brand new hotel corridor carpet.

During our Chichicastenango tour, we see this home with turquoise and brown on the walls of its exterior. The bright turquoise color matches the colors of Guatemala and also creates a soothing visual effect. Many colors of Guatemala involve shades of turquoise. The dark maroon paint and cream colors also add an outstanding feature to the wall.

Furthermore, we create a custom carpet design that translates this house in Chichicastenango. The turquoise background uses a blend of shadows around the edges to create a smokey effect. The shading makes the custom carpet design look like a rustic building, similar to those in the village. Additionally, the turquoise lines next to the maroon rectangles create an elegant look perfect for the interior space. The way that the lines are all vertical creates a nice continual flow for wall-to-wall broadloom designs. This custom carpet indeed translates the beautiful color palette of this home’s exterior.

Here at Talk Carpet, we reduce consumer waste by creating roll layouts for our carpet patterns, minimizing the amount of material used. Additionally, Talk Carpet is part of DIFFA’s specific care program, donating 1% of custom sales revenue to DIFFA to fight against HIV/AIDS.

If you like this design or want to create your very own custom hotel corridor carpet, please contact one of our team members. We offer reasonable options starting at $21/SY on custom broadloom carpets or offer more high-end options throughout Axminster style wool/nylon blend. Whether you need carpeting for your hotel, office, or hospitality project, we have the ideal custom carpet for you in a large variety of price ranges.

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