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Fantasy carpet inspired by The Haas Brothers exhibit

Fantasy World Visualized, TalkCarpet

The Haas Brothers, twins Nikolai and Simon Haas, are artists based in Los Angeles. Their first-ever showcase entitled Ferngully premieres in Miami. Their anthropomorphic fantasy characters are colorful and surreal, they look straight out of a fairy tale. This is fitting because the name comes from a 1992 children’s animated film. The exhibition explores themes of sexuality, nature, math, and science. The brothers Nikolai and Simon Haas create a whole fantasy world that includes monsters, beasts, flora, and fauna.

Each room of the exhibition has a different color as the backdrop, representing the different types of creatures. The duo teams up with local designers: beading company Monkeybiz and South African design platform Southern Guild to make these characters. Similarly, everyday objects like chairs and home decor make up some of the characters. One of the exhibition rooms features a psychedelic green mushroom with colorful spores. Bright textile fabric and beads are sitting at the top of the mushroom.

For this week’s custom carpet pattern, we design a beautiful green flora and fauna pattern. The small circles in the background look like the colorful mushroom spores in the Haas exhibit. They also look like the colorful beading material that Monkeybiz and Southern Guild use. Looking from the top, the clumps of darker green spores shape a psychedelic mushroom. The playful custom carpet perfectly translates the Ferngully exhibit’s dreamy fantasy.

At talk carpet, we believe it is crucial to take eco-friendly measures. We use an optimization roll layout for our carpet patterns, minimizing the amount of material used. Also, with every custom carpet order, we are donating 1% of sales revenue DIFFA’s specify with care program.

If you like this fantasy-inspired design or want to create your own custom design, contact one of our team members. Through our custom program, we offer budget-friendly options of $21/SY on all types of carpet. We design custom broadloom carpet patterns or large-sized rugs with endless color variations. For a smooth creative process, we can send you a custom sample in seven business days. Whether you need carpeting for your hotel, office, or multifamily project, we have the perfect custom carpet for you.

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