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Custom commercial carpet made easy, quick and ultra creative

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New dye-injection technology has made custom commercial carpet more attainable and cost-effective than ever. It’s now easy to quickly create custom designs. So easy that we’re frequently inspired to use ideas from art, culture, and design them into many new ready-made patterns.

We know that using a custom commercial carpet in an office, hotel, or multifamily building makes an impact. We love the possibilities and ideas we’re seeing brought to life. With these new processes for designing custom commercial carpet, the only limitations are budget and imagination.

In the USA, we have completed custom commercial carpets for W Hotels, Delano, Hyde, Hotel Indigo, Citizen, and Autograph Collection Hotels, among many others. The custom designs that have been created to match these locations are fantastic. Often, we’ve assisted in the conceptual design, but just as often, we have clients coming to us with very clear ideas. In the world of custom commercial carpet, anything is possible. Check out our page which is filled with custom carpet concepts we have ready to go.


Our inspiration often comes from our travels, like this recent design inspired by street art in San Juan, Guatemala. We pay tribute to the art we saw at the Lake Atitlan villages for this custom commercial carpet. There are many street murals, and many of Lake Atitlan homes have artwork on them. This adds literal color and culture to the village’s colorful history. The colorful shapes and designs were captivating to the eye and inspired this custom commercial carpet. In this design, some of the formations resemble a silhouette with hands. The wavy abstract patterns use a gradient tone to create a smooth flow of tropical colors across the mural.

custom commercial carpet, Custom commercial carpet made easy, quick and ultra creative

Cooper and Gorfer’s portraits inspired another recent design. These 18th-century style Renaissance portraits incorporate historical, cultural, and mythical symbolism. The artists often distort time and space, and their subjects look exaggeratedly staged. They combine dreams, moods, and fears into their images. We used a similar approach for this unique banana leaf carpet design. For this design, we repurposed our minimal banana leaves pattern into a new tropical pattern. Like the fantasy collage in their photographs, we collage different tropical designs and form the banana leaf shape.

custom commercial carpet, Custom commercial carpet made easy, quick and ultra creative

Bringing Custom Commercial to Life

We often develop client’s ege custom commercial carpet concepts from an inspirational image or the story behind the idea.

Sometimes clients come to us with a pattern already created. Also, because our custom commercial carpet isn’t limited to 12 colors, there’s no limit to the designs we can create. With projects as small as 120 yards, we’re able to create a unique look for even your smallest projects. This diversity and flexibility allow us to develop wall-to-wall carpet, carpet tiles, and even large area rugs.

custom commercial carpet, Custom commercial carpet made easy, quick and ultra creative

Custom Carpet Considerations

We have nine carpet constructions. From low pile to wool/nylon blend that offers a choice of price level starting at just $21 a square yard. For custom commercial carpet, it’s rare to find that type of flexibility.


In the past, it was hard to imagine that you could have custom commercial carpet without months of planning. Now, our turnaround time on creating custom commercial carpet samples is typically within a week of design approval. Consequently, our process can include a client portal, so it’s a collaborative process if desired.

custom commercial carpet, Custom commercial carpet made easy, quick and ultra creative

This way, the design process moves swiftly, leaving plenty of time for revisions and finetuning.

Seeing the Concept

Sometimes, it’s hard to know how a custom commercial carpet will look in the space. That’s why we create a 2D design layout as a part of our service. We reduce waste with a 2D design process too. For example, we can see the layout and determine the exact cuts that will need to be made. Designers create the entire custom commercial carpet to fit the space, so no additional pattern matching lengths are needed on site.

Organic Commercial Carpet Design

With technology and a limitless amount of colors, we’re able to redefine the art of organic transitions in color. In this way, we can create a design with subtle color changes. This gives the flow to any organic design, no matter how many shades it takes.

custom commercial carpet, Custom commercial carpet made easy, quick and ultra creative

Hospitality Custom Commercial Carpet

The hospitality industry often desires custom commercial carpet designs unique to the property to stand out among the competition.

But, hotel carpet has different requirements than workplace carpet, and we’ve built our product range towards that differentiation.

Material Decisions
  • Easy Recolor Broadloom
    • Our Easy Recolor concept is the next best thing for projects that don’t want a completely custom design. This concept offers flexibility in choosing your colors. In addition, there are also nine different carpet materials with the lead times of standard carpet.
  • Area Rugs
    • Guest rooms and lounge areas are ideal places for area rugs with unique design and edge finishes. With custom commercial carpet, you can even have a unique shape of your choosing.
  • Flatweave with Patterns
    • Some hospitality projects require a sleek and modern look. Flatweave carpets provide a low-profile broadloom pattern with the contemporary look of a hard surface.

custom commercial carpet, Custom commercial carpet made easy, quick and ultra creative

We already have thousands of patterns in our database that our clients can personalize with a specific color or theme. Clients love that they can use our online tool to choose the colors and materials themselves. Likewise, they also have the option to work with one of our designers. Please reach out to us through the LiveChat option or by contacting a local team member on our contacts pages.

It is no secret that Paris has been the capital of fashion since the seventeenth century. The city has been the playground for prestigious designers and couture brands like Chanel, Dior, and Saint Laurent. Today the Parisian style is not only an aesthetic choice but a philosophy. It embraces elegance, timelessness, and slow responsible fashion. The focus is on the cut and the quality of the materials. No fluff or excessiveness with a less is more approach. And what better way to understand Parisian fashion than to visit a museum dedicated to it.

For more than 70 years, the house has been crafting magical couture pieces in their atelier at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Christian Dior has made this location a legendary address since the first collection in 1947. Behind its new flagship, the House of Dior inaugurates a permanent exhibition in an extraordinary gallery, independently of its boutique. Mr. Dior wanted to be an architect; the building and the museum pay him a beautiful tribute today.

The staging is astonishing. A circular staircase at the entrance showcases 452 dresses and 1,422 accessories, all 3D printed. Bags, shoes, perfumes, and small objects: so many testimonies of the Dior style materialized to elaborate this Diorama.