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Custom carpet inspired by this surreal retail design

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge Close Up Talk Carpet

Reading is an outlet that lets millions of people escape to an alternate reality. Everyone finds an escape through si-fi, romance, and even horror. Chinese-based bookseller Zhongshuge is famous for their out of this-world retail design. Their latest location in the Sichuan province, Dujiangyan, is no exception.

The bookstore has such a surreal interior; it is a bookstore you’d only imagine seeing in harry potter. The store design is all thanks to architecture firm X+Living. They are based in Shanghai and are responsible for this stunning space and the other impressive Zhongshuge bookstore locations. A big part of the fantasy effect of this place is the fact that it looks infinite. The space is only two stories high, but designer Xian covered the area with mirrors, giving it the effect that it is more significant than it is. The inspiration for this retail design is from a Dam near Dujiangyan. You can see that with the materials and curves integrated into the construction. We moved the local landscape into the indoor space,” says Xian.

This is a bookshop and a fun place for people to hang out. The store’s first floor is home to a café and a children’s area. The second level’s balcony is full of seating, where customers can browse their selections, work, or meet. Inspired by this bookstore’s design, we created this custom carpet design. Inspired by the curves of the bookcases, our pattern uses curved overlapping each other as if you are in the bookstore yourself.

We hope you liked our custom design inspired by Dujiangyan Zhongshuge. Don’t forget that you, too, have the chance to design a custom pattern with the help of our Custom Carpet Program. We can help you develop a bespoke piece that fits your vision, with no limit regarding colors. We motivate you to unleash your creativity to create a custom carpet guided by our skilled designers. Your sample will be ready for your approval within five business days. We craft our product using ECONYL yarn to support your sustainable practices. Don’t mind reaching out; we will be more than happy to assist you with your project!

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