Commercial carpet tiles versus broadloom carpet: the benefits

When you need commercial carpet that saves time, money, is easy to install, and has various design possibilities, you should consider carpet tiles. Today, many interior designers lean toward carpet tiles for the flexibility and design diversity they provide.

Also known as modular carpets, carpet tiles are small pieces of carpet. Manufacturers typically cut them in sizes ranging from 48 – 96 inches squares. But squares aren’t the only shape. As we said, the design possibilities are now near endless. Nylon and wool/nylon blends are the standard materials for carpet tiles, with a growing number made from recycled Econyl nylon. They come in loop and cut-piles of varying depths — just like regular broadloom carpet. Carpet tiles also come in hexagon, triangle, planks, and other special shapes.

ege carpet kite tileWhy Choose Carpet Tiles

Deciding to choose carpet tiles instead of a standard wall-to-wall carpet will be done for several reasons.

  • Easy installation
  • Cost savings
  • Eco friendly
  • Durability and Longevity
  • Design diversity
Easy Installation

Carpet tiles come with the benefits of a wall-to-wall carpet without complex installation. Because of the smaller size of individual tiles, installers can transport and manage them easier than a large carpet roll. Installation, if needed, could be done by one person and doesn’t require special tools as wall-to-wall carpet does. Carpet tiles can easily be installed with commercial-grade glue that allows for tiles to quickly be lifted and replaced.

Cost Savings

Because they require less cutting, carpet tiles have a lower waste percentage than you’d typically have with a broadloom. Tiles can fit into odd angles easier without cutting, so installers waste less. Because there is less work with carpet tiles over a rolled carpet, it can easily save hours in labor costs.

If you’re on a tight deadline, you can often receive this type of carpet and have it installed faster than wall-to-wall carpet since many of these are quick ship items.

Eco Friendly

Some carpet tile manufacturers design their tiles to be exceptionally lightweight. This saves on storage and shipping costs and makes the installers’ jobs easier. Not requiring multiple workers to carry heavy rolls of carpet is an all-around advantage.

The most significant difference depends on the backing a manufacturer puts on the bottom of the tile. There’s recycled vinyl, fiberglass, and others. Similar to wall-to-wall, carpet tiles can provide insulation and savings on utility costs.

One downside to carpet tiles is that they don’t come in as many ultra-plush, thick styles as rolled carpet. So, if you’re looking for premium cushioning and the ultimate acoustics, they’re not the best choice.

commercial carpet tiles, Commercial carpet tiles versus broadloom carpet: the benefitsDurability and Longevity

Because you can easily remove and replace individual carpet tiles, the overall flooring can have a longer lifespan than wall-to-wall carpet. If spills or high traffic patterns damage tiles, you can easily replace individual squares. It’s a much easier and more cost-effective solution than attempting to spot replace the wall-to-wall carpet or the flooring of the entire room.

Some floors, particularly in office spaces, have underfloor cables and infrastructure; with carpet tiles, it’s easier to access those spaces. This adds up to be another time and cost savings because laborers don’t need to guess or remove entire rooms of carpet. Installer often even carpet around the panels specifically for easy access.

It’s also a solid choice for modular office spaces where furniture is moved around a lot. Replacing carpet tiles is much easier than repairing crushed carpet from previous walls and furniture.

Design Diversity

The new technologies mean that they’re often a more stylish choice right out of the box. They come in many colors and patterns that can be randomly installed or with a design in mind. It’s easier for interior designers to combine different carpet tiles to achieve a custom look and section off different areas of the room or office. Or even to create a unique, artistic component in the room.

With various shapes and sizes, interior designers can use different diameter carpet tiles in multiple patterns. If your designer is skillful and creative, they might combine different shapes. We’ve seen a mix of squares, hexagon, and triangle create a truly unique effect.

commercial carpet tiles, Commercial carpet tiles versus broadloom carpet: the benefitsIn summary

All in all, carpet tiles’ easy installation, unique design possibilities, durability, and cost savings make it a choice worth considering. If you’re planning a commercial renovation, carpet tiles should be high on the list of flooring options. Check out our tile collection overview to see the options we carry.