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Color block carpet inspired by a Guatemalan shop window

Boarded shop window visualized TalkCarpet

Lake Atitlan is famous for its beautiful Guatemalan villages, full color, and unique history. Interestingly, Lake Atitlan is a water body in a volcanic crater, and many textile companies are in the towns. The village’s craftsmen create beautiful weaves such as patchwork and crafts. San Juan La Laguna is a village that has weavers who use natural dyes to make textiles. The town is also famous for its art, color, and architecture. Strolling through the villages, there is no shortage of color. The village uses color and beautiful designs that depict Mayan culture and traditions.

We create a color block carpet inspired by the boarded shop window we saw on a stroll through the village. The shopfront has wooden panels painted in cerulean blue, with beige wooden panels on the side. We particularly love the top of the panels, which are in colorful squares with multicolor dots in the middle. The distressed boarded shop window in Lake Atitlan uses its original rustic structure. But with the bright details, the shop truly screams Guatemala.

Our patch pattern translates the colorful squares on the shop front. The colors we use are a bright mix, including turquoise, pink, coral, and more timeless, charcoal gray and white tones. The designs are beautiful mainly because of the different color dots at the center. Since this carpet design is grid-like, the design can easily fit in any space, creating a seamless design people will love. The design adds colorful accents to any interior.

If you like this color block design or want to create your own custom carpet, please contact one of our team members. We offer budget-friendly options of $21/SY on multiple types of carpet substrates through the custom program. Our carpets are available in broadloom patterns, carpet tiles or rugs with infinite color variations. We can send you a custom sample within seven business days. Whether you need carpet flooring for your hotel, office, or hospitality project, we can make you the perfect match. Talk Carpet is also now a part of DIFFA’s specify with care program, and 1% of custom sales revenue will be used to fight against HIV/AIDS.

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