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Collaborate, Connect, Create: The Best Coworking That Works For You

Yust 1 _ Talkcarpet

The most sustainable source of competitiveness is engaging your minds, hearts, and hands with talent. When working, being comfortable with the environment and workplace is the most satisfying of all.

Taking home comfort to the workplace has been a trend these past years, which through the pandemic will become a near-standard practice. So here are some concepts of coworking that fit that bill and which we enjoyed visiting these past months.

Feel Young With Yust

Yust intends to attract young adults seeking such a versatile lifestyle. An old industrial telecommunications factory transformed through POLO Architects into an innovative design featuring coworking with a long-stay apartment, hostel, and hotel.

Yust Antwerp does have an event venue, a rooftop bar, a restaurant, and an art gallery that showcases emerging talents. In an artistic mix with a distinct vintage feature, the interiors are designed by Belgian designer Stephanie Parein.

By combining apartment, hotel, and hostel styled rooms, the innovative concept provides a wide variety of accommodation options, with unique approaches for long and short stays. Yust provides trendy accommodation and is an affordable option for stays and/or work.

, Collaborate, Connect, Create: The Best Coworking That Works For You , Collaborate, Connect, Create: The Best Coworking That Works For You

Creative Concepts With Fosbury & Sons

Many coworking places intend to make you feel more at home; however, it often remains a hollow marketing slogan that is not supported by space’s reality. Fosbury & Sons is a brand of coworking that genuinely delivers with this promise.

Fosbury & Sons offers opportunities for working people to help manage their balance between work and life. During and after work, beneficial professional services, fun events, and educational lectures improve life quality. Before, during, and after work, it has a quality workplace culture that can inspire everyone.

Their pallets are based on the materials already present in the original design of the Modernist building.

  • The cherry wood of the cabinets
  • The golden tones of the wood flooring
  • The grey tones of the speckled concrete

The outcome is a beautiful combination of warm and cool materials. The designers have personally selected all furnishings, sourced worldwide, and with the concept of designing a home. Concrete panels sustain the spectacular plateau and the 6-meter-high windows scenic view of King Albert Park.

, Collaborate, Connect, Create: The Best Coworking That Works For You , Collaborate, Connect, Create: The Best Coworking That Works For You

Feel at home With Alma

In Stockholm, Alma is amongst those local community and coworking concepts that we would like to see expand internationally. Several original window paintings and drawings remain in the building, as a nod to the building’s past as design school. As a result, it adds a slight historical node to the coworking space. The interiors are very welcoming and well-balanced, with a distinctly Scandinavian theme. The paint palette includes soothing colors such as greys, blues, and teals.

Alma has cultural programmings, drinks, cuisine, art, music, product design, and interactive architecture. Alma was developed by the very same people it caters, all pulled together by Alma Founder and Artistic Director Fredrik at the center, creating welcoming environments where members feel more at home.

, Collaborate, Connect, Create: The Best Coworking That Works For You , Collaborate, Connect, Create: The Best Coworking That Works For You

People choose coworking spaces to develop a sense of community. Officing in a coworking atmosphere helps you to associate yourself with people who are often entrepeneurial and goal-oriented. Getting so many professionals in one space means that the networking prospects are near endless.

It is no secret that Paris has been the capital of fashion since the seventeenth century. The city has been the playground for prestigious designers and couture brands like Chanel, Dior, and Saint Laurent. Today the Parisian style is not only an aesthetic choice but a philosophy. It embraces elegance, timelessness, and slow responsible fashion. The focus is on the cut and the quality of the materials. No fluff or excessiveness with a less is more approach. And what better way to understand Parisian fashion than to visit a museum dedicated to it.

For more than 70 years, the house has been crafting magical couture pieces in their atelier at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Christian Dior has made this location a legendary address since the first collection in 1947. Behind its new flagship, the House of Dior inaugurates a permanent exhibition in an extraordinary gallery, independently of its boutique. Mr. Dior wanted to be an architect; the building and the museum pay him a beautiful tribute today.

The staging is astonishing. A circular staircase at the entrance showcases 452 dresses and 1,422 accessories, all 3D printed. Bags, shoes, perfumes, and small objects: so many testimonies of the Dior style materialized to elaborate this Diorama.