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Cloud carpet as backdrop for a dreamy materials palette

RHADS moodboard, TalkCarpet

Russian artist Artem Chebokha in Saint Petersburg, also known as RHADS, is famous for creating oil paint-like digital art. Many of his work involves dreamlike and fantasy themes. There are otherworldly messages always hiding inside his artwork, and he often uses the weather and clouds as the subjects of his pieces. When digitally painting his art, he uses the technique called impasto strokes. This technique involves painting very thickly on a canvas to translate depth and texture into the surface. In his piece called “Continuation of the Dream,” he uses the impasto method to create strokes of navy blues and white to create the ocean and the clouds. We’re taking this work as the inspiration for our dreamy mood board, with our blue cloud carpet as the backdrop.

That is why his painting inspires us to recolor our Nuages carpet into a blue and white version that mimics his painting’s clouds and the sea. We combine our carpet with the contract materials such as Reimagined by Architectural Systems. Other products include All Star by KnollTextiles, Epoca Moss by ege Carpets, and 1” x2” Straight Set by island Stone. Our Nuages carpet design is also available in standard colors such as beige, grey, and noirs.

If you would like to recolor an existing carpet we have, check out this page. With the recolor tool, you can easily personalize and visualize one of our many Easy Recolor patterns. There are endless options for your next restaurant, office, or hotel project. There is no minimum order on recolored patterns, and the sample turnaround time is around 3 business days. We offer a selection of nine carpet substrates, catering to a very wide range of budgets. Please contact one of our team members for help with your next carpet specification.

cloud carpet, Cloud carpet as backdrop for a dreamy materials palette cloud carpet, Cloud carpet as backdrop for a dreamy materials palette

Products used:

Nuages  RECOLORED by ege carpets

Reimagined by Architectural Systems

All Star by KnollTextiles

Epoca Moss by ege carpets

1” x 2” Straight Set by Island Stone

cloud carpet, Cloud carpet as backdrop for a dreamy materials palettecloud carpet, Cloud carpet as backdrop for a dreamy materials palette

cloud carpet, Cloud carpet as backdrop for a dreamy materials palette

cloud carpet, Cloud carpet as backdrop for a dreamy materials palette

cloud carpet, Cloud carpet as backdrop for a dreamy materials palette

cloud carpet, Cloud carpet as backdrop for a dreamy materials palette

Sitting right next to Pompidou in Paris is Atelier Brancusi. This place is a reconstruction of the studio of renowned Romanian-born artist Constantin Brancusi. In the atelier, there are 137 sculptures, 87 bases, 41 drawings, two paintings, and more than 1600 grass photographic plates and prints by the artist.

Brancusi died in 1957, leaving behind a lot of his work in his studio, which consisted of 11 joined studios. The Romanian artist would break down walls to adjoin studios and create various environments to exhibit his work. He considered the relationship between sculptures and the space they occupied to be of crucial importance.

In 1997, the Atelier Brancusi as we know it today opened its doors on the esplanade of the Center Pompidou. So much of Brancusi’s work is on display at the atelier, giving you an idea of how much the artist put into the world. There are wood and plaster sculptures, bronze colonnades, animal shapes, and photographic studies. It is a beautiful and inspiring place to visit.

Inspired by the stone and natural textures of Brancusi’s work, we recolored the Stone Surface carpet. This is part of the nature collection by ege carpets, which takes inspiration from forests, deserts, and oceans. This light recolor of the carpet allows you to bring a textured palette to your next interior design project.

We created a material board that focuses on a textured palette with the atelier colors and the recolored carpet in mind. We included dark woods like Texas Mesquite 83000 and Artisanal Hardwoods. Keeping the dark brown theme, we also included different textured textiles like Artisan Textured Finishes by CopperSmith, Basketcase by Cortina Leathers, Lafayette Velvet by Opuzen, and Chesney by Valley Forge Fabrics. Additionally, we decided to bring some lighter tones of cream and white by adding Cove, True Terrazzo, Concrete Look Porcelain Paver, and Passion. To tie in the soft colors with the dark ones, we included mid-toned neutral paints like Crewel Tan by Sherwin-Williams and Mesa Tan by Dunn-Edwards Paints.

If you like our textured palette, you might be interested in our Easy Recolor Program. We used this to recolor our Stone Surface carpet, enabling us to source the perfect backdrop for our textured palette. Using our online tool, you can do the same. Choose from any of our collections and recolor them to match any interior. You can then visualize the carpet before ordering physical carpet samples. You’ll receive your samples within three business days at an affordable price. Contact us if you want to learn more.

Products used:

Stone Surface RECOLORED by ege carpets

Artisan Textured Finishes by CopperSmith

Crewel Tan by Sherwin-Williams

Mesa Tan by Dunn-Edwards Paints

Chesney by Valley Forge Fabrics

Lafayette Velvet by Opuzen

Basketcase by Cortina Leathers

True Terrazzo by TileBar

Cove by Atlas Concorde USA

Passion by Emser Tile

2cm Concrete Look Porcelain Paver by Landmark Ceramics

Texas Mesquite 83000 by Woodwright

Artisanal Hardwoods by Architectural Systems