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Cloud carpet placing florals in the sky

Florals in the Sky Visualized Talk Carpet

While traveling around Colombia, and the department of Quindio, we visited a small town of just 6,000 inhabitants called Filandia. The name comes from the Latin word for daughter and Andes, meaning daughter of the Andes, which is the department in the north of Colombia. The small town is located between lush Colombian greenery and coffee farms, and is the inspiration for our cloud carpet. There you can visit lookout points, sip delicious Colombian coffee, and hike the waterfalls that surround Filandia.

While walking around the streets of Filandia, we saw some color flower installations hanging. They ornated so well with the colorful houses yet had a warm and cozy feel to them. As if the community made them to welcome anyone walking down those streets. The beautiful blue skies were the perfect backdrop for the flowers to be the center of attention.

Inspired by the colorful flowers overlooking the street and colorful houses, we created a custom carpet design. The cloud carpet design features beautiful flowers, very similar to the ones in Filandia, along with blue skies in the background. Additionally, with this cloud carpet, you will feel transported in the street of the small town in Colombia.

If you want this cloud carpet as a feature in your next interiors project, or want to create your custom carpet, Talk Carpet’s program is the perfect option for you. Additionally, the custom carpet program is in partnership with DIFFA’s specify with care program, in which one percent of all custom carpet sales are donated to help in the fight against AIDS/HIV. Furthermore, our program allows you to create your carpet designs and easily stay within your budget. You can choose the pattern, color, and substrate. Contact us and get a sample within just seven business days.

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