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Our Creative Director Christophe travels the globe and provides you with daily interior design inspiration. We discover the latest and hottest new hotel, restaurant, workplace, and multifamily interior design and provide you with a more in-depth view of the project. Please browse through our archive of design travel stories and get your dose of design inspiration 

Our exploration of a rainforest resort in the Peruvian jungle

Among the lush rainforests in Southern Peru, we experienced a fantastic mix of hospitality and a natural feel. Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica is a rainforest resort offering a unique travel experience. It is no wonder it got its place among the

The Peruvian Hotel B puts the B in boutique hotel design

Amidst the Bohemian-style buildings in the Barranco neighborhood in Lima, you will find a masterpiece that charms with the boutique hotel design of Hotel B. Walking through the hotel is an experience on its own. As you wander through the

An overview of traditional Andean ceramic patterns at the Larco Museum

The ceramic patterns spotted at the Museo Larco reveal a lot about the ancient Andean civilizations. The abundance of shapes, colors, and fine details showcase religious motifs while demonstrating impressive craftsmanship techniques. Museo Larco in Lima hosts an enormous ancient

Temple of the Moon, the religious epicenter of the Moche culture

Ancient Peru was a home for many civilizations, which left their marks. Wandering away from Trujillo, we came across phenomenal architecture that reveals stories about ancient cultures. We came across two different temples dedicated to the sun and moon, respectively.

Chan Chan in Peru is adobe brick construction on steroids

Despite being the capital of the Chimú Empire, Chan Chan is famous for its extraordinary adobe brick construction. This city located in northwest Peru is entirely made of adobe bricks, a signature style of the Chimú architecture. Although the erosion

Restaurant Central: When a meal becomes design inspiration

As a confessed foodie, visiting the wildly awarded Restaurant Central was a must-do when visiting Peru. Located in the city of Lima, the venue found fame through the popular Netflix show “Chef’s Table.” The restaurant is regarded as one of

The Interni Creative Connections exhibit during Milan Design Week 2021

The iconic Milan Design Week aims to promote innovative and radical design trends that fit our modern urban environments and social constructs. The Creative Connections exhibit by Interni did just that. Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Fuorisalone, the installations

Our review of the SuperDesign Show Milan 2021 at Superstudio

SuperDesign Show Milan 2021 features two important events meant to expand your design horizon. The R/evolution is an original display setup at Superstudio Più, the innovative center that gathers creative individuals. The exhibits cover popular topics such as smart homes,

Eight architectural gems we discovered in the past 12 months

The world is dotted with incredible architectural gems. From historic buildings to modern architecture, the architectural landscape of our planet is both diverse and impressive. There is a unique combination of styles and approaches to design seen in different countries

Retail store design with that unique extra design touch

On our travels in the past year, we discovered some incredible retail store designs. Each reflects the diverse creative vision of interior designers from across the globe. In this article, we take a look at several of our favorite spaces

Satisfying our wanderlust through unique hotel design

With the hospitality industry booming in past years and getting ready for a huge post-pandemic revival, it isn’t easy to elaborate on the newest trends and exclusivity in just one phrase.  Hotel designs are now more focused on depicting lifestyle

Biophilic interior design, a review of this hot design trend

Of all the countries we have visited in the past year, one immerging trend that captured our hearts is biophilic interior design. This aesthetic works on harnessing our innate love for the natural world and creating innovative interiors that bring