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Each month our creative director, Christophe Rammant, takes you on a design trip to a new country. We immerse ourselves in local design and meet with talented creatives to explore their work. Our Talk Carpet Travel Series offers you a welcoming window to the world from a designer’s perspective. 

Travel Series: Colombia

  In the latest episode of our travel series, we’re taking you on a journey through Colombia. The South American country has so many hidden gems, that we skipped the usual tourist hotspot of Cartagena and went off the beaten

Travel Series: The wonders of Peru

In this episode of our travel series, you can join us on an exploration tour of Peru, a magnificent country that goes beyond the wonder that is Machu Picchu. A country known for its diverse climates and topography, it is

Travel Series: Milan Design Week 2021, a video review

We’re heading to Northern Italy for the 2021 edition of Milan Design Week. Postponed due to the pandemic from April 2020 to April 2021 and then again postponed to last week. We’re so happy it finally did happen and you

Travel Series: Trends in design

    In this episode of our travel series, we’re taking a look back at all the incredible places we discovered the past year. Each month we have traveled to a different region, providing us with a very wide and

Travel Series: Egypt

Get yourself ready for a complete change of scenery and culture, this month we’re exploring vibrant Egypt in our travel series. In this fourth episode, our creative director Christophe takes you on a road trip along the Nile and discovery

Travel Series: Armenia

  Join us on an exploration trip of modern-day Armenia in the third episode of our Talk Carpet Travel Series. We’re meeting several creatives and explore the influence of its rich past on current-day design and architecture. We’re starting our

Travel Series: South Africa

In episode 2 of our Talk Carpet Travel Series, we explore design in South Africa. We meet talented creatives in Cape Town and Johannesburg, offering a very diverse range of South African design. Cape Town is a city with a

Talk Carpet Travel Series: discover Guatemala

Welcome to episode 1 of the brand new Talk Carpet Travel Series. We have transitioned from shorter vlogs to a more comprehensive format where we take the time to dive deep into the local Guatemalan design. Our creative director Christophe

This is how it all started


We started our travel videos in shorter format vlogs. These are more dynamic round ups of our design oriented exploration travels, where our Travel Series really immerse you in the local design community. 

Visit the design highlights of Seville and Valencia with us

  In this new episode of our design vlog series, we land in Spain’s Southern region to show you all-new design and inspiration. We begin this journey in the city that started flamenco dancing. That’s right, Seville! We explore amazing

Design vlog visiting the Swedish countryside

  In the fifth episode of our design vlog, we have arrived in Sweden, exploring its beautiful countryside and the unique design of Sweden. We drove countless hours from the South all the way to Lapland in the North, amazed

North of Spain design vlog

  In this travel vlog, we take you on a design inspiration trip to the North of Spain with an in-depth view of the best it has to offer in interior design, art, and architecture. Some of the things you

Belgium design vlog

  In this travel vlog we take you on a design inspiration trip to Belgium with an in depth view on the best it has to offer in interior design, art and architecture. Some of the things you will discover

Portugal design vlog

  We’re taking you on a design inspiration trip with our travel vlog. In this episode we’re taking you to Portugal with a visit to some truly innovative hospitality projects in several areas of Portugal. You will also discover two

South of France design vlog

  In this first episode of our design vlog, we are taking you on an inspiration trip to the South of France. You will discover a brand new hotel designed by Philippe Starck, an urban designed vineyard hotel and several