Custom Theme Carpet at the Legoland Hotel in Goshen, NY

The Legoland Hotel in Goshen, NY, is a true spectacle that offers a unique experience for every guest. Before you even enter the building, the lively LEGO block tower wishes you a warm welcome. The green dragon adds a special charm to the entrance, offering you a glimpse of the surprises that wait for you inside. The enchanting interior looks playful, with bright colors and lots of LEGO sculptures for you to discover. Every single corner is a story on its own, and you have plenty of spots to explore. We spotted unique theme carpet designs with vivid prints that compliment the cheerfulness of this place.


The Legoland Hotel isn’t like any other hotel that you would stay in. With a total of 250 guest bedrooms designed according to various themes, we had lots to explore. Each room has a particular theme, offering a unique experience for guests seeking something different. Visitors can choose between the pirate, Lego, kingdom, or ninja theme. 

We loved the authentic design of the pirate-themed guest bedrooms. The designers carefully picked every single detail in the room to suit the theme. The wood plank and pirate skull prints enhance the remarkable design. However, it is the overall theme carpet that steals the show. The base starts with a pattern that resembles a ship’s deck. The deteriorated map of the hidden treasure enhances the exceptional design. The scattered jewels are another element contributing to the authenticity of the pirate theme carpet.


One of the thoughtful details which caught our attention was this elevator hall, and we love how they managed to create a unique space. The elevator doors have an outstanding LEGO design, seamlessly blending with the carpet. It looks like the LEGO blocks fall from the sky and land on the carpet. As professionals in the carpet industry, this theme of carpet design left us speechless. The first thing that came to our minds was the complexity of the design process. We love the lively colors and precise details that match the aesthetics.

Designing a theme carpet that fits your project might be challenging for you. However, at Talk Carpet we have you covered. We can create a custom carpet that you can’t find anywhere else with the help of ege custom carpets. All you need to do is show us an image for inspiration, and we will gladly come up with the design. If you have already designed a pattern, we can take care of the rest and present you with a finished product. 

With so many colors to choose from, there are no limits to designing a carpet that fits your chosen theme. Moreover, another critical aspect of designing a theme carpet is the layout. Our professional designers will create a 2D layout to ensure the patterns match perfectly. Once we finalize the design, we will have your sample ready within five business days.

If choosing the right carpet for your project turns into a hassle, don’t waste your time and contact us now


Stunning interior design at Apple Tower Theatre store includes ege Carpets

Our Easy Recolor Carpets Add a Unique Touch to This Apple Store

Within an abandoned 1920s movie theatre in Downtown Los Angeles lies a brand new Apple Store: Apple Tower Theatre. Now open to the public, the store is part of the city’s urban regeneration to make it a vibrant city center. Originally designed by architect S. Charles Lee in 1927, the historic theatre is an ornate building characteristic of Renaissance style. Through the revamp, designers aim to give the building a new purpose, helping return its former charm and glory. They sought to restore the original features of the space within the context of the adaptive reuse of the existing building.

UK studio Foster + Partners are the brains behind the Apple Tower Theatre interior design project. They worked in collaboration with the architectural firm Gruen Associates, who completed the restorations, refurbishments, and modifications. We had the privilege of supplying our Easy Recolor Carpets as part of the redesign. Here is a look at the impressive final result and unveiling of the new Apple Store.

Renaissance Revival and Modernization at Tower Theatre

Throughout the Apple Tower interior design project, the overarching narrative was to retain rather than replace. The original theatre building featured a massive auditorium with grand staircases and exquisite detailing. Through the revamp, designers wanted to recapture this former glory and preserve as much of the original work as possible. No feature was overlooked, with Apple’s director of retail design, Doo Ho Lee describing the project as a “true labor of love.”

The resultant space is white, bright, and airy, with incredible detailing. Many of this mirrors the elegant plasterwork and gold finishing of the original theatre. Bronze handrails guide visitors up to the balcony level, and renovation of the marble columns add elegance and splendor. Larger features of the 1920s building haven’t been forgotten either. The wonderful stained glass window has been restored, as has a simplified version of the original skylight mural. A replica of a clock tower cap removed in 1971 following an earthquake has been replaced on the building’s exterior.

Grand Arched Staircase Features Our Plush Red Carpet

The grand arched staircase is where you’ll find our plush red carpet, gently guiding you up to the balcony level. The carpet’s antique patterning is reminiscent of the 1920s, yet its subtlety brings it into the modern-day. This works with the Apple Tower interior design brief perfectly. The carpet draws on the theatre’s historical significance, yet its modern twist aligns with Apple’s innovative tech products. Moreover, the red carpet is synonymous with opulence and conjures feelings of glamour. This mirrors the overall atmosphere of the building. Its grand lobby, delicate detailing, and domed ceiling adorning crystal chandeliers all carry an air of sophistication and stratospheric status.

Another reason designers opted for the red carpet for the Apple Tower interior design project is its ties to the theatre. Famous actors and actresses walk down the red carpet at galas and events. Similarly, store visitors are invited to follow its path to the upper level of the shop. Furthermore, the color red is used for theatre curtains as it absorbs little light, helping spotlights to show on stage. As such, the theatre and the red curtain are a duo seen all over the world. Our carpet captures this and reminds all guests of the building’s historical past.

Adaptive Reuse into a Functional Retail Store

While maintaining the old theatre’s former glory, the Apple Tower interior design project simultaneously created a functional retail space. A large retail screen hangs in the center of the room where the cinema screen once stood. Sleek modern tables have been added to the lower floor of the Forum where the company can showcase its latest products. Moreover, the movies theatre’s original balconies remain in place. Beneath these is space for storage and cashier desks, creating a clean and contemporary finish.

Atop these balconies, visitors will find the best seats to view the Forum. The old cinema seats here have been reupholstered and fitted with electrical data points or a reimagined purpose. They now serve as a place for visitors to relax while waiting for their Genius appointments. Apple also intends to use the upstairs balcony and auditorium as a theatrical event space to host public art and mentor teaching sessions.


Some of our favorite carpet projects installed in the USA

As August is our recap month, we’ve decided to revisit some of our favorite carpet projects from the past year. Each of these carpet install projects is in the USA, from luxury hotels in Colorado to offices in Illinois. Our team listened to the briefing for each client to create a carpet that reflects their brand and character. The result is incredible interiors that come alive in part thanks to a statement carpet. Here’s a quick roundup of our four favorites and what we love about each design.

Blending Artisan with Fun at the W Aspen Hotel

One of our favorite carpet install projects has to be this stunning hospitality carpet at the W Aspen hotel. Taking inspiration from the architecture of the hotel building, we created a design that was modern yet with a unique twist. The designers at Nema Workshop wanted to create contrast with the stunning Colorado landscape outside the hotel and channel chalet vibes. To do this, the design team took inspiration from native american prints and custom colored the carpet in multiple playful tones. Doing so turned this traditional design on its head. For the bedrooms, we chose vibrant blues and oranges, which match other pieces of décor in the rooms. Guests are filled with intrigue as the blend of traditional and modern elements adds an interesting juxtaposition not seen often.

Bringing Fun and Innovation to Office Design

Another of our favorite carpet install projects is the transformation of ActiveCampaign’s offices in Chicago. With the business’s rapid expansion, they decided to reinvent the space to keep up with their growing team and contract Eastlake Studio. As part of the renovations, we installed this stunning red velours carpet. Its depth and texture add a unique and exciting element to the room. The offices are immediately brought into the present day but in an innovative and inspiring way. As the office layout is more open after renovations, this carpet also successfully adds fun to the new spaces. Thanks to the large windows, natural light, and high ceilings, this can be done without overwhelming. We love the sleek yet abstract finish, and it has to be one of our favorite projects this year.

Unique Flatweave Carpet for Alaska Airlines Lounge

We had the pleasure of being selected to fit carpet in the flagship airport lounge for Alaska Airlines this year. For this carpet install project, Graham Baba Architects already had their unique flatweave carpet concept. Together, we brought this vision to life. The result is a functional carpet that absorbs sound, helping guests in the lounge to relax and unwind. It is also more durable and high-quality than regular carpet, perfect for high footfall areas like this. The airport lounge is split into four sections: Come In, Take a Breath, Help Yourself, and Cut Loose. Using this carpet in different colors and patterns helps separate these distinct areas and create an interior that mirrors its purpose. However, all sections can seamlessly flow together thanks to the complementing tones and patterns that work in harmony.

Statement Carpet at the Renwick Gallery

One of the most creative and unusual carpet install projects from the past 12 months is our work at the Renwick Gallery. Several artists have exhibitions in the gallery, and the building itself has been transformed into artwork. Janet Echelman takes over the museum’s Grand Salon with a rainbow-colored hand-woven sculpture suspended overhead. The piece throws interesting colors and shadows that dance on the walls. Beneath this epic piece lies our carpet, inspired by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. The black and white swirl patterns act as an extension of the sculpture overhead. The whole room feels alive and connects with those present.



All eyes on W Scottsdale and its desert inspired custom hospitality carpet

For one of our most recent projects, we were given the opportunity to design a custom hospitality carpet for W Scottsdale in Arizona. This is a high-end hotel offering chic getaways reflected in their stylish and bright interiors. They are also known for their infamous weekend poolside parties under the hot Phoenix sun. It is a fun and sophisticated space, and we knew that working on this project was going to be just as enjoyable and exciting. Here is a little more about the project and processes we went through when designing their new custom carpet.

Custom Pattern Inspiration

For this project with W Scottsdale, we are working directly with the property owner. The client wanted a carpet that reflected their modern and chic interiors. However, the hotel also sought to incorporate the desert into the design. As a brand, W Scottsdale prides itself on really integrating its design story that is parallel to the property’s location. Therefore, in terms of inspiration, we turned our attention to the outside of the hotel. We wanted the custom hospitality carpet to be reminiscent of the Arizona desert in which the hotel sits. This creates a cohesive vision with the interior and exterior blending seamlessly as one.

Approach to the Design

Although our initial conceptual inspiration was the Arizona desert, the finished design is far from what you would typically imagine. We have developed many desert-like designs previously, but we found this a bit too literal and cheesy for this project. Ultimately, the design team suggested a more abstract design of the desert, so it’s not too literal. This creates a much more high-end and sophisticated feel while still working collaboratively with the brand standards.

To achieve this, we choose to design a distressed carpet with areas fading out. This symbolizes the natural weathering that rocks undergo thanks to the harsh climate found in the desert. There is also reference to a lot of nature within the design, further creating a cohesive finish. In terms of color, we strayed from the yellow and red typically associated with the desert. Instead, we added hints of gray that read almost like purple to create a cooler tone. By doing so, the overall design complements the other elements of the rooms that also utilize a cool color palette.

Part of the $3 Million Remodel

Our desert-inspired custom hospitality carpet is not the only new addition to W Scottsdale. The hospitality venue has recently undergone a huge $3 million remodel to create a stunning premium interior. The end result is an elegant hotel and entertainment space that oozes class and sophistication. This includes a complete gutting of second-floor entertainment areas and an expansion of the existing leisure spaces.

The custom hospitality carpet has been used in these new shared hosting spaces, conference rooms, and restaurants. It adds a subtle touch of the Arizona landscape without being bold, garish, or detracting from the entertainment itself. Many of the rooms also have a feature wall in a bright cool tone. Yet, the use of gray in the design means it is highly transferrable, working well in all rooms. The design also extends into some of the guest rooms, tying the areas of relaxation, entertainment, and the outside world as one.

Please check out our hospitality-focused page to learn more about our possibilities.


Hospitality carpet that blends artisan with fun at W Aspen

We worked with interior design firm nemaworkshop and the W Brand’s award-winning design team to create custom hospitality carpet for W Aspen & The Sky Residences – the hottest new hotel and guest residences in Aspen, Colorado. Located at the bottom of the eponymous mountain, W Aspen sits alongside some of the world’s most popular ski slopes. With 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains, our challenge was to use a custom hospitality carpet to help reimagine the traditional ski chalet.

Hospitality Carpet Inspiration

Touring the building for inspiration, we saw stunning architectural and interior design showcased by Nemaworkshop and Aspen-based architects Rowland + Broughton. Many of the walls are covered in rough-sawn wood siding, while some upper sections were stucco. The windows, doors, and roof were black metal cladding. The black railroad rails in the lobby paid homage to the property’s former life as a silver mining yard.

The hotel features a public rooftop, wet deck, heated pool, hot tub, fire pits, cabanas, bar, dance floor, and a DJ booth. These features told us that the carpet needed to have aspects of the traditional while also suggesting a modern vibe.

Design Approach

Our approach with the W Aspen hospitality carpet was to create a juxtaposition between the area’s natural beauty. Mixing Native American themes and the decadent style of the 1970s Aspen chalet.

“W Aspen reimagines the traditional ski chalet and allows people to experience the town in a way they never have before, through evocative design, inclusive programming, and a social scene that is sure to become an essential stop on the global jet-setting calendar,” said Anthony Ingham, Global Brand Leader, W Hotels Worldwide in Hospitality Interiors Magazine.


W Aspen features 88 guestrooms and 11 W-branded residences, along with five suites. Like the rest of the hotel, the room interiors meld classic Swiss chalet and vintage ‘70s ski villas. The combination of rustic wood finishes sloped rooflines, and pit and platform lounge seating in the guestrooms was a fun challenge. We knew this custom hospitality carpet played a crucial role in bringing it together.

Each room is a unique evolution of form and space while remaining grounded in the chalet esthetic. Some rooms feature quad-queen bunk beds, while others have a fire pit and hot tub open to the living area. There are even suites with circular beds on a pivoting platform and a DJ booth. Because of this creative design and unique layout, we needed to approach each space with a distinctive perspective. We succeeded by customizing the hospitality carpet for each type of room.

We worked with the light cast across low-pitched rooflines, shadows from deep overhangs, windows in front of long balconies, and the play of color from flower boxes. The custom hospitality carpet melds with the traditional chalet vibe while being modern enough to leave the impression that you’re seeing something for the first time.

We believe the effect so intriguing hotel guests may not want to leave the rooms.


Rawline Scala flat weave carpet at the SeaTac Alaska Airlines lounge

We were thrilled to be selected by Graham Baba Architects to bring their concept to life and provide a unique flat weave carpet for the newly completed Alaska Airlines Flagship Lounge at the SeaTac International Airport in Seattle, Washington. Now, travelers have four distinct zones to delight in as they prepare for flights. Whimsically titled, Come In – the approachable entry; Help Yourself – a casual bistro; Take a Breath – a relaxation space; and Cut Loose – the lively bar.

The sections are defined by flooring, color, and wood and metal screens. These elements allow the spaces to flow together while appearing separate. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of the zones is the choice of design and material selections. These allow each space to have its own acoustic and light quality. Unique materials divide each space seamlessly and entice exploration while also supplying intimacy.

For our Talk Carpet range, the designers chose a flat weave carpet to bring versatility, eco-friendly elements, and durability to serve the space’s functions and vision.

Why Flat Weave Carpet

Because some of the spaces, such as “Take a Breath,” needed sound-absorbing elements, the designers needed a particular carpet. But the interior design required a unique feel, so it couldn’t just be any regular carpet. It needed to be a flat weave carpet. Constructed in a traditional way, it is formed on a warp. Parallel, connecting fibers form elaborate patterns and lush colors. The detailed construction of flatweave carpets ensures they’re high quality and durable. For areas with a lot of foot traffic, it’s an ideal choice.

Design Choice

Graham Baba chose the Rawline concept by ege carpets for its innovative yet chic flatweave carpet style.

In Velvet Blue, this specific flatweave carpet combines traditional wovens with injection dye technology. This technique blends to give the floor a unique look of denim that reflects light and dark.

Designed by Helle Lykke Jensen and Louise Søe Oxlund, the large-size squares in the collection provide an acoustic and practical advantage. The artisanal texture is one only flat weave carpet can provide. Rawline Scala is made from regenerated ECONYL® yarns from used fishing nets. An Ecotrust felt backing adds to the environmental qualifications as it is made from used PET water bottles. These features add acoustic properties and made Scala a practical and environmentally solid choice.

The Result

Now, as you look around at the interior design, you’ll see twenty-foot floor-to-ceiling windows framing views of Mount Rainier. At the same time, an oversized fireplace serves as an interior focal point. The division of zones creates a feeling of intimacy where there is little — the bistro counter can accommodate up to 100 people.

Adorning the rooms are chaise loungers, fabric banquettes, and a carpet that blurs the transition into the indigo-dyed bar front.

In the end, Alaska Airlines wanted to transform the space into a business travelers’ sanctuary. It’s now a multi-use, functional and intriguing series of rooms connected to the Pacific Northwest. We think they’ve exceeded themselves.