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Custom commercial carpet made easy, quick and ultra creative

CUSTOM COMMERCIAL CARPET New dye-injection technology has made custom commercial carpet more attainable and cost-effective than ever. It’s now easy to quickly create custom designs. So easy that we’re frequently inspired to use ideas from art, culture, and design them

Commercial carpet tiles versus broadloom carpet: the benefits

When you need commercial carpet that saves time, money, is easy to install, and has various design possibilities, you should consider carpet tiles. Today, many interior designers lean toward carpet tiles for the flexibility and design diversity they provide. Also

Six Reasons For The Meteoric Rise of Flat Weave Carpets

As the desire for hardwood flooring and concrete floors becomes less, designers are looking for an alternative that combines a sleek look with easy maintenance, good acoustic quality, and comfort. The answer is flat weave carpet. This type of carpet

Using Biophilic Interior Design to Bring the Outside Inside

Over the last year, we’ve seen new interior design ideas go outside to accommodate the influx of outdoor dining. Likewise, with more people working from home, there’s a growing trend of bringing the outdoors inside. As the need to be

Let me show you what’s new

    In this news update, Christophe, our Creative Director, takes you through the latest collections and their unique features. First up, we introduce you to Reform Transition, the brand new gradient carpet tile by ege Carpets. The collection is

Reform Transition is a brand new gradient carpet tile collection

We introduce you to Reform Transition by ege Carpets, a gradient carpet tile collection. A unique concept designed by Manganese Editions that blends sustainability with luxury. This wonderful collection is inspired to integrate natural eco-friendly materials into a modern carpet

How to get makeup out of carpet: 6 best tips

We’re endlessly inspired by the artistry happening in the makeup industry today, but it can be a menace to the beautiful carpet. The more popular makeup becomes, the more likely your lovely carpet is at risk of an accident or

A guide to how to remove blood stains from carpet

We all know that accidents happen, and sometimes the result is a blood spill on the carpet. Do not worry; if you use the correct cleaning methods, your carpet will look good as new in no time. In how to

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