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Carpet ideas based on our top trending floor designs on Instagram

Chichicastenango House Wall visualized Talk Carpet

Are you looking for unique carpet ideas that suit your refined taste? Talk Carpet offers an abundance of design inspiration if you wish to define your space with a matching carpet. Each week, we roll out two custom patterns for all designers seeking inspiration. In this post, we share the top 5 carpet ideas trending on Instagram in the last 12 months. Make sure to go through each one and grab the inspiration for a custom carpet! 

Plaid Patchwork Carpet

If you are looking for carpet ideas that bring visual interest to the space, you will love our plaid patchwork design. The inspiration for this eye-catchy plaid pattern came from Vivienne Westwood’s collection. We couldn’t resist the bold details, so we conveyed them to a stunning pattern with various plaid designs. 

This carpet pattern features an asymmetrical combination of plaid prints. Therefore, it is carefully designed to make a bold statement. The classic red and green print continues with a modern twist. With each step you take, you discover an intriguing piece of the puzzle. The unexpected combination mirrors Westwood’s signature style and its punk vibe. We love how this modern pattern visually guides you through the space, making it an excellent choice for corridors. On the other hand, the diagonal pattern will enhance narrow spaces.

carpet ideas, Carpet ideas based on our top trending floor designs on Instagram

Sand inspired Carpet

We use our trips as an endless inspiration source for original carpet ideas. On a recent trip to Egypt, we discovered the hidden beauty of the Fayoum desert. The cream tones and sand waves inspired us to craft a timeless piece suitable for any interior. 

The soothing carpet design brings serene vibes to the space with a mix of caramel and cream tones that seamlessly blend into each other. The carpet design resembles the sandy horizon of the desert, with symmetrical sand waves that subtly add a visual touch. The simple pattern and nature-inspired color scheme bring the desert tranquility. The flowy horizontal lines visually enlarge the area and make it feel more spacious. Besides, they give you enough freedom to play with the furnishings. 

carpet ideas, Carpet ideas based on our top trending floor designs on Instagram

Hotel Corridor Carpet Idea

On our Guatemala adventure, we stopped to admire the raw beauty of a house in Chichicastenango. This village amazed us with the vibrant colors, but one particular house caught our attention. As soon as we saw the exterior, we knew that it would find its place among the brilliant carpet ideas in our collection. 

The rustic exterior features a well-curated mix of brown, ivory, and turquoise. The professional team at Talk Carpets implemented the natural color scheme into a stunning carpet designThe base starts with a neutral ivory tone, adorned with graphic lines and rectangle shapes that draw the eye ahead. The vertical lines direct the traffic flow, making this design the perfect pick for a hotel corridor. For extra visual touch, we used turquoise as an accent color. 

carpet ideas, Carpet ideas based on our top trending floor designs on InstagramSKYLINE CARPET DESIGN

When looking for carpet ideas and inspirations, we came across a unique piece of art. The Skyline Carpet is an interpretation of a stunning installation featured in the City In The Sky exhibition. The remarkable masterpiece features an upside-down model of an urban city, large enough so that you can step inside and admire the whole structure. 

Inspired by the stunning structure, our designers created a custom carpet with a sleek print. The building’s silhouettes shape the stylish cityscape, creating a minimalist print. To break down the monotony, we enhanced the design with horizontal, vertical, and diagonal stripes. The simple pattern brings a dose of visual interest while still holding to the minimalist style we choose as a staple. We paired the striped cityscape with a concrete background to achieve a fresh and modern look. Therefore, this design is the ultimate choice for contemporary spaces. 

carpet ideas, Carpet ideas based on our top trending floor designs on Instagram

Tropical banana leaf carpet idea

If you are looking for bold carpet ideas to bring a dose of personality to the space, the Tropical Banana Leaf pattern is a suitable choice. The inspiration came from the Renaissance portraits by Cooper and Gorfer, featuring women wearing bold prints that reflect their cultural heritage.

We can define this carpet as bold, fresh, and eccentric. The outstanding design brings a neutral background with a tropical pattern, inspired by the colorful portraits. To bring playfulness, we created exotic banana leaves with different tropical prints. One of the delicately chosen prints includes the classic black and white stripes for an extravagant look.

carpet ideas, Carpet ideas based on our top trending floor designs on Instagram