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Cactus custom carpet pattern inspired by Starck designed patio

On a recent trip to Mama Shelter’s Marseille outpost, we got triggered to create a custom carpet pattern inspired by their incredible cactus patio. (see blog post here) Mama Shelter is a really creative hotel group distinguishing themselves through unique design, complemented by trendy hotel bars and restaurants.

This little nook in their Marseille restaurant got designed by Starck and got our creative juices flowing for this custom carpet. “Mama Cactus“ by Maja Dzepovska is exactly what we envision as one of the next interior trends. We love how it is graphically bold, yet offers enough negative space to make a minimal sense.

If you love this pattern and would like to see it in different color options, then please reach out to one of our team members. As part of the ege carpets custom program, we are able to customize colors and scale to your requirements. You also have the option out of nine base qualities, such as Axminster-style wool/nylon blends, recycled nylon, or regular nylon. This makes ege carpets suitable for a vast range of projects. Whether in the hospitality, corporate, or multifamily segment, we have the right commercial carpet solution.

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cactus custom carpet pattern, Cactus custom carpet pattern inspired by Starck designed patio

cactus custom carpet pattern

cactus custom carpet pattern