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Moche era pottery brought to life in a unique artisan carpet

Moche era pottery Visualized Talk Carpet

Our recent journey to Museo Larco, Lima, revealed a lot about the ancient Moche culture. We learned that the Moche were huge art lovers with impressive artisan techniques and elite craftsmanship. The tremendous pottery collection features intriguing details and distinctive shapes. Therefore, we seized some inspiration to design an artisan carpet. 

The Larco museum showcases over 45,000 pottery pieces belonging to different cultures. We already shared more about the ancient Andean civilization’s ceramic patterns so that you can keep up with the post here

Each civilization created exquisite pottery with highly recognizable features, authentic for their craftsmanship. However, the Mochi was considered to be intelligent innovators in different areas. It is important to note that they crafted standardized pottery with the help of unique molds. Most of the Moche pottery comes in a select combination of cream and reddish-brown. Some of the vessels come finished by hand with rich patterns, adorned with complex images of religious nature. Others feature intriguing geometrical shapes in repetitive patterns. 

Some of the vessels come in sculptured form, showcasing animals, deities, and humans. The sculptural vessels often feature supernatural deities expressed as a combination of human and animal characteristics. In addition, the ceramics introduced priests and notable leaders. The particular vessels that caught our attention were these masterpieces ornamented with geometric patterns. These geometrically decorated vessels feature two authentic motifs: the step motif and the wave motif. The step motif emphasizes a triangle, where the hypotenuse is formed with steps. 

On the first vessel, you can notice that the triangle’s vertical line continues upwards, shaping a wave. This is a common variant of the step motif, symbolizing the water streams and mountains. 

To design our artisan carpet, we started with a neutral tan background present in the pottery. To keep the authentic Mochi aesthetics, we incorporated the same neutral color scheme. Our idea is to borrow authentic ceramic patterns while creating a stylized version of the original elements. We added the step motif to the artisan carpet design and continued to build up with abstract elements. In addition, we enhanced the design with the wave motif. The elements borrowed from the Moche pottery come in a dynamic but harmonious dispersion. In addition, the colors range from tan to camel and light brown. The warm color palette of this artisan carpet brings a sense of warmth and serenity, making it an ideal choice for an inviting bedroom. 

If you need a carpet that perfectly fits your vision, we have you covered. Our Custom Carpet Program allows you to create a design tailored to your specific needs. We support DIFFA’s Specify With Care program by donating one percent of all sales. In addition, we will deliver the custom sample within seven business days. Don’t hesitate to contact us now if you need a custom carpet that fits your budget! 

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