Travel Series

Travel series: Armenia


Join us on an exploration trip of modern-day Armenia in the third episode of our Talk Carpet Travel Series. We’re meeting several creatives and explore the influence of its rich past on current-day design and architecture.

We’re starting our Armenia discovery trip in the capital Yerevan, where we meet the team from A&L architecture for breakfast. They’re taking us on a walking tour of the city discovering Soviet and Brutalist architecture. There are so many really intriguing buildings, often left unmaintained and unrespected. We do stumble upon a coffee shop, Sweet Coast, that takes cues from this architecture and incorporates it successfully into a trendy restaurant design. Another coffee shop worth mentioning is Afrolab, a soothing and modern design focused on natural materials. While we’re in the world of hospitality design, we have a meeting with Futuris Architects to discuss their latest restaurant project J Cook and a preview of an industrial-style home in Northern California. More noteworthy moments in Yerevan are our visit to the Tumo center, providing free education for teenagers in technology and design. Their approach to learning is truly innovative and highly personalized.

In the second segment of our Armenia Travel Series, we’re exploring the countryside with a visit to Dilijan, Spitak, Lake Sevan, and Gyumri. Alongside the roads, we discover incredible nature and many abandoned remnants from Soviet times. We’re also meeting up with Storaket architects to visit two of their education projects. One of them is the Dilijan Central School, located in what’s called Armenian Switzerland.