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90s carpet transporting you right away to a new dimension

On our journeys, we visit places off the beaten track. From our experience, these offer an abundance of design inspiration. Then, our skilled team conveys charming sights into fascinating custom carpet patterns. On our trip to Lisbon, the Talk Carpet team visited the LX factory. This is how the idea for a 90’s carpet was born. What used to be an old thread and fabric factory is now a significant source of design and art inspiration. We love how they turned the industrial neighborhood into the ultimate retreat for designers, artists, and creative souls. 

While wandering around and soaking up some inspiration, we found our way through this arched passage. As we stepped in, the neon radiance caught our attention. The vibrant neon lights break down the monotony of the shady walls. In addition, we love how the variation of shapes and colors brings a dose of playfulness. The random dispersion of elements gives off carefree vibes and a relaxed feeling. Hence, the geometric shapes confirm that this is a good starting point for a 90s carpet.

Inspired by the charming spot in Lisbon’s LX Factory, we created this eye-catchy but straightforward design. This 90’s carpet design brings back nostalgic feels and forgotten memories. When creating the layout, we started with a black base because we loved how the dark shady walls let the colors pop. Next, we played with the geometric shapes. The waves, circles, and straight lines add visual touch when combined. To implement a similar concept, we played with bold neon colors. The result is a stunning 90’s carpet that will put the space together. Despite adding a visual touch, it brings back the 90’s vibes. Back then, we enjoyed repetitive geometrical patterns with striking colors.

If you loved this phenomenal 90s carpet, don’t miss the chance to have your custom carpet pattern. The Talk Carpet custom carpet program will help you create a design tailored to your requirements and preferences. We can craft the carpets from ECONYL yarn, which is a great low-profile option that as well stems from recycled materals. With each purchase, you donate 1% to DIFFA, which supports people with HIV/AIDS. You will receive your custom sample in less than seven days, with prices starting from $21 per square yard. If you have specific needs and refined taste, don’t mind contacting us. The Talk Carpet team will gladly take care of this for you!

90s carpet, 90s carpet transporting you right away to a new dimension 90s carpet, 90s carpet transporting you right away to a new dimension 90s carpet, 90s carpet transporting you right away to a new dimension