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3D carpet inspired by a 3D moonscape room


‘The Yellow Room’ by Charlotte Taylor became the inspiration behind our custom 3D carpet. When asked by the brand Tetra to create a room that was ideal for smoking, Taylor created The Yellow Room, a seamless yellow moonscape inspired by skate parks.

Taylor Blurs the lines between fiction and reality in architectural design. Taylor is a London-based 3D designer. Inspired by modernism and postmodernism architecture, her designs are a dreamland to many. Taylor has a fast-growing following on social media, booking her editorial works from Hole & Corner magazine to Elle Netherlands. Taylors approach to completing her projects is not like many others. She prefers to collaborate with multiple render artists for a project. She believes that collaboration is a big part of the art. It pushes the concept and makes you think of new ideas that you could not have predicted. Through that, she has helped other artists and designers gain recognition.

We used a grainy, almost sand-like texture throughout and a warm sunset color as the primary background for this carpet design. We then added these curved lines to give some depth and movement to our 3D carpet pattern. Like Taylor’s yellow room, this carpet will make you feel like you are walking in another world.

If you like this 3D design or want to create your own custom design, our team is here to help! We design custom wall-to-wall pattern carpets or large-sized rugs with nearly infinite color options. Thanks to a high level of efficiency and flexibility, we can move the custom process along swiftly. Therefore we will send you custom samples in 7 business days. Whether it’s carpeting for your hotel, office, or any other commercial project, we have the perfect carpet design for you.

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