Palette featuring our new Sand Color rug

Palette featuring our new Sand Color rug

Christophe Prosper Rammant
Christophe Prosper Rammant

Christophe is one of our founders and creative director. His passions are interiors, cooking, and traveling the globe for new inspiration.

The beautiful Scandinavian country of Denmark is full of inspiration. The windy country has gorgeous lake views and sandy shores surrounded by nature. One of the largest lakes in Denmark is Arreso, located northwest of the country’s capital. The hilled landscape gives a unique view during the summer in this area. There are also sandy beaches on the Danish coast. The country has over 7,400 km of coastline. However, the cold waters can make it challenging to get in the water, making the beaches crowd-free.

Scandinavian interior design is one of the most prominent today. The style brings in minimalism while using a blend of textures and soft hues to create a cozy and inviting, sleek and modern interior. Danish interior design also focuses on minimalism, functionality, and timelessness. Danish design consists of clean lines and natural lighting and focuses on making a space feel homey.

Inspired by the sandy shores of Denmark, we use our Rust Sand Rug by ege as the main focus of the palette. This sand color rug is part of the Reform a New Wave collection. The Danish West coast solely inspires this collection. Additionally, the collection is crafted from regenerated and regenerable yarns and features neutral tones and minimalistic patterns that add just the right texture and color.

Inspired by Danish interior design, we create a palette that focuses on minimalism and plays with textures in neutral tones. As a statement piece, we Tropical Mornings by LondonArt to bring a pattern reminiscent of the sandy shores of the Scandinavian country. Additionally, we included Habana by Porcelanosa, which adds to the darkness of the board. We also included lighter tones like Moderno Travertine and Island Weaves Paperweave. Danish design always adds a light wood tone, so we include Reclaimed Grandstand Pine by Anthology Woods on the board as well.

Talk Carpet’s new rug shop is an excellent option to add just the right finishing touch to your design project with an area rug. We bring the best commercial-grade area rugs made from recycled nylon, just like our carpet rolls. The rug shop also features an online tool, which allows you to visualize it better and choose the size to your liking. Our standard lead time is ten weeks, including shipping. Contact us if you want to learn more.

Sand Color Rug, Palette featuring our new Sand Color rug Sand Color Rug, Palette featuring our new Sand Color rug Sand Color Rug, Palette featuring our new Sand Color rug


Rust Sand Rug by ege carpet

Habana by Porcelanosa

Island Weaves Paperweave by Maya Romanoff

Reclaimed Grandstand Pine by Anthology Woods

Maderno Travertine by Materials Marketing

Tropical Mornings by LondonArt

Sand Color Rug, Palette featuring our new Sand Color rug