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Spanish style floor tile based on the historic home of Gayer Anderson

During our adventures in Egypt, we could not miss a tour of the Gayer-Anderson Museum in the El-Sayeda Zainab district in old Cairo. This museum consists of two houses that connect by a bridge. The larger house was built in 1632, and the second one was built in 1540. Both houses were constructed using ruins of the surrounding, including bricks of Mokatam hill. Gayer-Anderson was a British major and army doctor and bought the house after falling in love with them. The major filled the rooms of the houses with crystals, carpets, antiques, silks, glassware, and embroidered Arab costumes.

The beautiful décor thoroughly inspired us in the museum. There were themed rooms, beautifully tiled beams, gorgeous windows, and so much more. We were especially inspired by the Spanish-style floor tile that decorated the walls and parapets. The beautiful and vivid blues, greens, and yellow inspired us to recolor the Patchwork carpet from the Rawline Scala, which celebrates heritage in a minimalistic way.

Inspired by the many different areas that the museum had, we created a material board that features various patterns and materials that still look beautiful together. We started with a neutral wood Peaceful Sand and a neutral leather-like Classic Almost by Paul Brayton Designs. We also included Roman White by Rookwood as a baseline for the other beautiful colors and patterns pop. We included Scirocco H5B and H4A by Arto, Sintra by Fireclay Tile, and Studio-Universe Deco by Adex USA to add more to the Spanish-style floor tile. Additionally, we included some patterned and colorful textiles like Piet by Brentano and Tangram by Wolf-Gordon. Lastly, we included the Glass Leaf Mosaic and Forest Elements Scallop Stereo to add a twist with some unique shapes.

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Patchwork RECOLORED by ege carpets

Piet by Brentano

Classic Almost by Paul Brayton Designs

Roman White by Rookwood

Peaceful Sand (Engineered) by Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Scirocco H5B by Arto

Scirocco H4A by Arto

Sintra by Fireclay Tile

Studio – Universe Deco by Adex USA

Enameled Glass Leaf Mosaic by Garden State Tile

Tangram by Wolf-Gordon

Forest Elements Scallop Stereo by Nautilus

Color, Yellows, Transparent by CARVART