Custom patterns

Custom carpet design inspired by street art in San Juan, Guatemala

We are paying tribute to the wall art we saw on our recent trip to the Lake Atitlan villages. In particular, a San Juan wall art we noticed on a stroll inspires this new carpet design. This street mural adds color and culture to the village’s colorful history. Many of Lake Atitlan homes have artwork on them, making the buildings look vibrant and unique. The colorful shapes and designs are truly captivating to the eye and inspiring our custom carpet design.

For this particular piece, the artist uses warm colors to paint his figures, and the shapes are in the form of a circular pattern. When looking closely, some of the formations resemble a silhouette with hands. The figures and colors all blend, making it very seamless and cohesive. The wavy abstract patterns use a gradient tone to create a smooth flow of colors across the mural. The tropical colors go from orange to purple creating a cohesive color palette. The figures are in a darker blue, green, brown, and purple tone on the mural’s outer edges. The primary colors are brown, blue, and purple, and red. On the right side of the mural is another painting with a volcano, symbolic of Lake Atitlan.

We similarly create a custom abstract carpet pattern that translates the San Juan wall art mural. We use a lighter blend of colors to portray a gradient design. The green curvy shapes go from a lighter green on the top to a darker one towards the shape’s bottom. The purple waves also start with a lighter tone to a darker wine color hue and are spread throughout the carpet pattern. Together they all create a cohesive, almost psychedelic effect.

Talk Carpet is now also a part of DIFFA’s specify with care program, and 1% of custom carpet design revenue will be donated to DIFFA to fight against HIV/AIDS. With our custom program, we can customize and scale your custom design to your liking. We also have custom size carpet rugs available. We will send you a custom sample in seven business days. There are also nine base qualities, such as Axminster-style wool, nylon blends, recycled nylon, or regular nylon. We are always here to answer any of your design questions through our chat feature or by email on our contact page.