Custom patterns

Custom flooring inspired by organic landscape house in Moscow

Our new custom flooring pattern is inspired by the fantastic house in the landscape in Moscow, designed by Niko Architect. Varying organic shapes create the futuristic aesthetic of this home. The house blends elements of natural landscape scenery with a modern style of architecture. The designers aimed to create a space focused on the organic environment surrounding the home. The greenery in the garden and backyard area flows upwards, fusing into a wavy mound on top of the house. You can see that the green landscape covers most of the 3,000 SF footprint from a birds-eye view.

The interior of the house uses unique modern elements of architectural design, such as a Japanese style divider to separate the dining room from the living room. White concrete walls lined with black marble frames, and circular ceiling windows that shine direct sunlight into the home from the top, enhancing the organic feel of the house. The home’s design uses very minimalistic and neutral color tones, including green and grey, to maintain a serene and peaceful look.

Here at Talk Carpet, we came up with a carpet pattern as custom flooring with a tribute to this Moscow home. Therefore, we used neutral tones such as dark green, gray, and yellow, with an overlay of sheer triangular patterns that resemble the home’s architecture’s curvy organic shape. Just as how the house harmoniously blends architecture and landscape, we used the pale-pink overlay to create a smooth transition of colors from gray to green in our unique carpet pattern. We translated the modern shapes and organic pigments of the green garden and grey concrete home perfectly into our design.

This color pairing is perfect for creating a beautiful setting for any hospitality or commercial space. If you like this design or want to get creative with different color variations, please contact one of our team members.

We offer broadloom wall-to-wall carpet for this landscape carpet design. With our ege carpets custom program, we can customize your flooring project to your liking. We will send you a custom sample in seven business days. There are nine base qualities to choose from, such as Axminster-style wool, nylon blends, recycled nylon, or regular nylon. We are always here to answer any of your design questions. Contact us through our live chat feature or by email on our contact page.