Custom patterns

This LOVE patterned carpet is exactly what we need this Holiday season

Originally designed as a Christmas card by Robert Indiana, commissioned from The Museum of Modern Art in 1965, LOVE has been a classic design that has been used in prints, paintings, sculptures, and stamps. Although created initially for a holiday card, this design gained popularity six years after the original LOVE sculpture was debut. There are many suspicions behind the meaning of Indiana’s artwork. Many people assume it is about love, but Indiana explained the meaning behind this artwork stemmed from his Christian upbringing. Over the years, LOVE has been made into multiple varieties worldwide, varying in color, text, language, and even word.

We at talkcarpet decided to put a twist on this classic pop art style design by switching the font into something more modern. We took the classic san serif font and changed it into a font called “Badaboom” to give it more of a modern cartoon feel. 

If you like this design or want to get creative with your vision, our team is here to help! We design custom wall-to-wall pattern carpets with near-endless color choices. We will send you custom samples in 7 business days. Whether you need carpets for your hotel, office, or any other commercial project, we have the perfect carpet design for you.