Jaime HayĆ³n adds a playful aesthetic to the Barcelo Torre de Madrid

Right from the first moment you walk through the front door at the Barcelo Torre de Madrid, you appreciate the playfulness of the design. With a zebra-striped pattern and brass top hat, an enormous bear sculpture greets you and welcomes you to a bright-colored world. The bear is actually a fun nod to Madrid’s coat of arms, which is signature to the joyful interior design of Jaime Hayon.

Throughout the project, he takes you on a visual journey through Spain’s past, mixing Roman architectural elements and Moorish influences with tons of rich brass jewel tones. The artwork features and celebrates Flamenco dancers, bullfighters, and traditional Spanish costumes. Many of the furnishings and light fixtures are from Hayon’s multiple collaborations with Fritz Hansen, Gubi, Arflex, Cassina, and BD Barcelona. Think Monkey table, Catch chairs, and Palette tables.