Space Copenhagen designs latest restaurant by celebrity chef Sergio Herman

Three-Michelin-star chef Sergio Herman opened his latest restaurant Le Pristine in June of 2020, right when the government re-opened indoor dining. The building was left unfinished for quite some time and, as such, shows several patchy brick walls and worn concrete elements.

Space Copenhagen was hired for the interiors and decided to display these aged features to give the space a historical reference. Dark color shades found in Flemish Masters, such as Rubens, have been used as the primary palette of Le Pristine’s main dining room. Musky green leather banquettes paired with black dining chairs and smoke-oak wood furnishings set a moody tone. The only two elements with vibrant color are a sculpture by Dutch artist Frederik Molenschot that hangs from the ceiling and the bar by Sabine Marcelis made from pink resin.

At the front of the space, you can find a bar area for casual dining with a fresh and fun seating concept. A wood fire oven and large counter create a relaxed and cozy ambiance.